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2015 IWBF Women’s South America Qualification Tournament underway

wheelchair basketball team posing

The Colombian women’s national wheelchair basketball team at the qualifying competition. Image credit: Dilka J. Benitez Ortiz

The 2015 IWBF Women’s South America Qualification Tournament offically got underway this past Sunday and are scheduled to run until Saturday in Cali, Colombia.  The top three teams qualify for the 2015 Para Panamerican Games in Toronto, Ontario in August.  Participating countries include Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Colombia.



women basketball team posing

The Peruvian women’s team at the competition. Image credit: Dilka J. Benitez Ortiz

Currently, Brazil sits in first place with a 2 – 0 record, Argentina second, Peru third and Colombia last with a 0 – 2 record. Brazil beat Argentina 47 – 15, and put away Colombia 68 – 17.  They are still scheduled to play Peru.  Argentina beat Peru 46 – 30.  Colombia lost 21 – 32 to Peru.  Two games are still left to play, with the next game between Argentina and Colombia scheduled to start at 5:00 PM local time and the second between Brazil and Peru at 7:15 PM.


The Colombian roster includes Evelin Serna, Magda Victoria, Rusmalia Sepulveda, Luz Muñoz, Johan Moreno, Gloria Morales, Yolanda Montero, Luisa Martínez, Sandra Henao, Marley Gutierrez, Gladys Gomez and Luz Cortez.


The Peruvian side is coached by Hector Salinas.  The team includes Carmen Hancco, Jeny Robles, Edith Velasquez, Julia Zegarra, Braulia Segovia, María Tapia, Carmen Oblitas, Merlni Tunqui, Norma Garcia, Pilar Jauregui, and Lucero Garcia.


The Brazilian side includes Luiza de Oliveira, Andreia Rosa Farias, Silverlane Oliveira, Aurelia Rosa Ana, Rosalia da Silva, Perla Assuncao, Jessica Santana, Geisa Viera, Lia Maria Martins, Marta Miranda, Paola Klokler, and Vileida de Almeida.  They are coached by Tiago Baptista.


The Argentina team includes María Castaldi, Alejandra Alonso, María Chirinos, Monica Chazarreta, María Coronel, Silvia Linari, Mariana Capdeville, Julieta Olmedo, María Pallares, Mariana Perez, Adriana Motura, Marcela Birck.  They are coached by Carlos Cardarlli.


References for the competition were drawn from around the Americas region, with Mariana Pichardo from Mexico, Pedro Vasquez from Chile, Marucicio Gamez Pereira from Costa Rica, Cristian Colombatti from Argentina, Paula Frassinetti from Brazil, Karen Molina from Colombia, and Hugo Begazo from Peru.

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