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2015: The year ahead in torball

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Torball is a recreational sport for the blind, and it is very popular amongst a lot of people.  It is not on the Paralympic schedule, but it is supported by the IBSA.




  • On February 7 in France, there is the D4 masculine (premier tour) at the CAH Clermont-Ferran.
  • On February 14 in France,  there is a D2 masculine (premier tour) event at CS AVH 72 Le Mans.
  • From February 21 – 25, there will be an event for multiple visual impairment sports in Marseille, France.
  • On February 21 in France, there is a  D1 féminine (premier tour) event in Mulhouse.


  • On March 21 in France, the D3 masculine (premier tour) takes place in CST Laval.


  • On May 16 in France, the Jeux de l’Avenir Handisport, activité Torball, à Tours takes place.
  • On May 23 in France,  D3 masculine (second tour) takes place at CHHA Aubervilliers.
  • On May 30 in France,  D2 masculine (second tour)  takes place at  CS AVH Touraine.


  • On June 6 in France, D1 masculine (second tour)  takes place at  ASCND Marseille.
  • On June 13 in France,  D4 masculine (second tour) takes place at   CS AVH Lyon.
  • IBSA Torball World Championships take place from June 23 – 26 in   Magglingen, Bern, Switzerland.
  • From June 27 – 28, the Coupe de France masculine de Torball takes place at ASCCB Besançon.



As some of these events are a long time in the future, please double check dates as they get closer to confirm them.  If there are any dates or events missing, please comment on the post and it will be added.

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