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33rd Blind Cricket Australia Nationals get underway in Melbourne

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The 33rd Blind Cricket Australia Nationals officially got underway yesterday in Melbourne, Australia’s Prince Park and are scheduled to continue until January 9. One of the early breakout stars of the competition has been Victorian cricketer Brendon Spencer.  In yesterday’s play, he scored 50 runs and caused 3 falls.  His bowling performance continued to be high on the second day of the competition.

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The Queensland side lines up before the start of competition. Image credit: Philip Dalidakis MP


With two days of competition completed, New South Wales leads the four team competition with 5 points, while hosts Victoria are in second with 4 points. New Zealand’s Manukau South and Queensland are tied for third with 0 points.

The New South Wales roster includes Mark Tatnell, Brian Edwards, Peter Kokinakkis, Nathan Difford, Scott Jones, Lindsay Heaven, Sean Brown, Matt Cameron, Troy King, Shaun Fitzpatrick, Mark Eschbank, Murray Elbourn, Stefan Nero, and Todd Dorward.  Nero is with the team, despite being from Western Australia.

The Victorian side is the only team in the competition to field only players from their state.  It includes Zac Sheehan, Brendan Spencer, Hamish MacKenzie, Chris Bertuch, John Boland, Peter Loh, Daniel Pritchard, Peter Robinson, Brett Wilsonn, Andrew Close, Adrian Smith, Nathan Luke, David Gauci, and Michael Sadhu.

The roster for Queensland features Mark Muscut, Chrissy Brincat, Richard Brider, Andrew Kelly, Matt Eaton, Brad Brider, Ray Moxly, Matt McCarthy, Cory Heberley, Clifton Plummer, Jack McAlister, and Tim Connell.  Both Briders hale from Western Australia.  The team has the least depth of any team in the competition.

The team from New Zealand includes   Ming Ming Edgar, Andrew McDonald, Parveen Shankar, Manny Tzourtzouklis, Ricky Segura, Mark Haskett, James Dunn, Karl Cranwell, David Martin, Lachlan Wallace, Donna McCaskill, Marquele McCaskill, Ben Fellows, and Deacan Dunn. B1 Tzourtzouklis is one of the out of state players for the team, coming from Victoria. Segura, Haskett, Cranwell and Wallace come from South Australia. Martin is from Martin.  The McCaskill are a mother and son duo playing together.

Tomorrow is an off day for all players, with competition resuming Thursday, having Friday off, and then continuing on Saturday and Sunday.   Starting on Sunday, matches shift location to Fawkner Park.

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