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Andef, Gigantes, Adeacamp, Gladiadores and Colômbia win in Campeonato Brasileiro de Rugby em Cadeira de Rodas

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With the first day of competition completed yesterday in the Campeonato Brasileiro de Rugby em Cadeira de Rodas in Vila Velha, Andef, Gigantes, Adeacamp, Gladiadores and Colômbia emerged as winners.



Second division team Andef  defeated IREFES 31 – 27. Gigantes easily beat Colômbia by a score of 56 – 33. Adeacamp also had an easy victory in their game against Santer, which they won 50 – 17. Gladiadores defeated BSB 44 – 28. Colômbia came back to comfortably win their second match against Minas Quad by a score of 51 – 26.


Presidente of the Association of Brazil Wheelchair Rugby (ABRC) Luiz Claudio Pereira was quoted as saying, “The objective is the top of the podium for all teams, that have real battles on the court envisioning success, but it depends on the will and determination of the athletes. We have much to be proud of, as before people looked on us as second-class citizens, but today the authorities and general public gather to hear us, and especially to see us play.”


Play continutes later today in Vila Velha, with Gigantes taking on Adeacamp at 9:00 AM local time, Colômbia playing Santer at 10:30 AM, Rio Quad playing Andef at 2:00 PM, Minas Quad tackling Gladiadores at 3:30 PM, Colômbia going against BSB at 5:00 PM, and play concluding for the day at 6:30 PM when Gigantes plays Santer.

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