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APANOVI wins Argentinian Apertura torball competition

Torball court The configuration of a torball court. Image credit: Musclor13.

This past weekend, the Buenos Aires based APANOVI team won the Apertura torball competition held at the Instituto Román Rosell de San Isidro.  They defeated BAC 5 – 4 in the final to win back-to-back titles, only scoring the winning goal in the waning minutes of the game.   The lower division was won by Rosell B team, who defeated the BAC B team 6 – 1 in the final.



APANOVI qualified for the final after defeating BAC 3 – 1 in the first game of the tournament.  They got full points in their second game against José C. Paz, because the team failed to show up.  This qualified them through to the final. BAC  qualified through after beating Rosell 6 – 1 in the semifinals for division A. Rosell B qualified through to the final after defeating ACICON 5 – 0 in their semifinal match.


Lomas de Zamora was was relegated from the A division to B following their performance in their performance. Rosell B went up to the A division because of their victory in the B final.

Federación Argentina de Deportes para Ciegos President Domingo Latela and Secretary Oscar Suárez presented the winners with their medals.


Torball is a sport that was created specifically for people with visual impairments, during the 1970s.  Its origins are likely similar to that of goalball, which was originally called torball.  Each team has three players who shoot the ball at a goal. The ball in torball has bell, and weighs 500 grams.  The IBSA estimates 1,500 people in 30 countries play the sport.


Instituto Román Rosell de San Isidro has a permanent torball field.

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