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Australians line up to play India at 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup

Flag of Australia. Flag of Australia.

Earlier this morning, the Australian men’s side lined up to take on India at the 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup in South Africa. The Australian side for this game includes Matt McCarthy, Bradley Brider, Michael Zannis, Shaun Fitzpatrick, Mikey David Hamilton, Brendan Young, Cory Heberley, Daniel James Pritchard, Chris Bertuch, Lindsay Heaven, Hamish Mackenzie, Mark Ashik, and Ricky Segura.



India won the toss and Australia started at bat. Captain McCarthy had 1 / 5 before being bowled for a golden duck. Brider and Zannis started with 0s. They quickly improved on this. Zannis had 10 from 26 balls while Brider was 17 from 24 balls after 8 overs. India then managed a lot of wickets, leaving the Australias at 4 / 48 when the team took their morning tea break. At that point, Hamilton had gone from 8 balls and Young had 2 from 3 balls. Brider finished at 20 from 29, Zannis at 12 from 35 balls, and Segura at 0 from 3. The break took place when Australia was starting with 13 overs, with 10 extras having been conceded.


When play restarted, Hamilton and Young were not out with 7 from 15 balls, and 6 from 17 balls respectively with 16 overs completed for a score of 4 / 57. The game continued on, with two wickets falling and Australia ending up at 6 / 79 following Fitzpatrick going not out from 3 from 3 balls. Hamilton eventually fell after going 15 from 23 ball, while Young fell at 10 from 39 balls. Australia then started to struggle a bit, with the score at 6 / 87 after 26 overs. Fitzpatrick pulled 4 from 15 balls before being run out, while Ashik went 3 from 10 balls. The score was at 7 / 87 after the 27th over.


The game continues, but players have broken for lunch.

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