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Blind Cricket World Cup 2014 updates schedules

group standing on cricket field Cricket players on the pitch, honoring Phil Hughes. Image credit: Blind Cricket World Cup 2014

As a result of yesterday’s matches having been postponed in honor of  Phil Hughes, an Australian cricketer who died on the pitch this week, the schedule for the Blind Cricket World Cup 2014 needed to be modified.  Organizers announced these changes on Facebook earlier today.



Games already underway or completed today include Bangladesh versus Sri Lanka at the YMCA, England versus South Africa at Gary Kirsten, and India versus Pakistan, with Australia having a bye.  Tomorrow’s matches see Australia playing Bangladesh at the YMCA, England taking on India at Wally Wilson, Pakistan playing South Africa at Gary Kirsten, and Sri Lanka having a bye.  Sunday’s matches have Australia meeting Sri Lanka at Wally Wilson, Bangladesh playing South Africa at Gary Kirsten, England playing Pakistan at the YMCA, and India having a bye.  Monday’s games feature Australia playing South Africa at Wally Wilson, Bangladesh versus Pakistan at the YMCA, India meeting Sri Lanka at Gary Kirsten, while England has a bye.  Tuesday sees Australia play India at Wally Wilson, Bangladesh play England at Gary Kirsten, Pakistan play Sri Lanka at the YMCA, with South Africa having a bye.  Wednesday’s games have Australia playing Pakistan at Gary Kirsten, England playing Sri Lanka at Wally Wilson, India playing South Africa at the YMCA, and Bangladesh having a bye.  Thursday sees Australia and Englang having a blind cricket ashes of sorts at the WMCA, Bangladesh playing India at Gary Kirsten, South Africa playing Sri Lanka at Wally Wilson, and Pakistan having a bye.  A week from today is a rest day, with next Saturday having a pair of semifinal matches, and the last day having the medal games.


In the games in action so far today, India leads Pakistan 176 / 3 to 0 / 0 with 14.1 overs remaining. England leads South Africa at 233 / 0 to 0 / 0 with 12.2 overs remaining.

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