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Brazil and Paraguay only winners today at IBSA Blind Football World Championships

Japan following the team's win. Image credit: Komiyama TomoYu

With four games played today at the IBSA Blind Football World Championships in Japan, only two teams put Ws to get max points in group play. Paraguay beat France 3 -0. Ricardo Peralta was the hero on the day for Paraguay, scoring all three of his team’s goals against France.  He scored one in the first half, and two in the second. Meanwhile Brazil defeated Colombia 3 – 1 after taking a 2 – 0 lead into the half. In the other games, Spain drew 1 – 1 against Germany, and hosts Japan drew 0 – 0 against Morocco.



Cássio Reis scored a pair for Brazil, while Ricardo Alves (Ricardinho) put in one. The goals put Cássio in a tire for the lead in the tournament for most goals with 3. Juan David Pérez Quintero was Colombia’s lone goal scorer. Following the game, Cássio was quoted by Comitê Paralímpico Brasileiro as saying, “This is the result of work I have done since 2003. I train a lot with dedication. Game back on defense, but always support the attack and this requires training. For now, it’s working.”  He went on to say,  “The match against Turkey was more difficult, we were unable to score and I was charged up for this game, because I wanted a better performance. Today, everything went right. I made two goals and helped the team. This early classification is very important to give tranquility to the team in the next game, against China. ”


In the Spain versus Germany game, Spain dominated much of the second half.  They were good at keeping possession, and were not afraid to go to the bench to make substitutions.   The team was also willing to take shots on goals, even if they had trouble connecting.  Germany managed to score in the first half, but Spain got the equalizer in the second half off a penalty kick taken by Antonio Martín Gaitán


In the Japan versus Morocco game, Morocco had a problem with keeping the ball in play.  They gave Japan goal kick after goal kick.  The Moroccans were much more willing to make subs during the game, while Japan largely kept their subbing down to changes at the half.


Group A play ends tomorrow with Japan currently sitting on top with 4 points, Parguay in second with 3 points, Morocco with 2 and reigning Paralympic silver medalist France with 1. Brazil, in Group B, is the only team to have qualified through to the second round with 6 points.  If China performs an upset and beats Brazil, Brazil would finish second in the group. In Group C, Germany has 2 points, Spain currently has 1 point.  Argentina and South Korea have only played one game each, with Argentina having 3 points and South Korea having 1.


The Spanish roster includes Javier Álvaro, José Luis Giera , Francisco Javier Muñoz, Youssef El Haddaoui, Adolfo Acosta, Francisco Marfil, Antonio Martín Gaitán, and Carmelo Garrido. Their goalkeepers are Pedro Gutiérrez, and Sergio Rodríguez. The Brazilian squad includes Ricardinho, who is the team captain and a striker, and defender Cássio Reis.  They are coached by ​Fábio Luiz Vasconcelos.


The French team is is largely intact from their silver medal team at the 2012 Summer Paralympics. coached by Lucas Ignatowicz, and the team manager is Julien Zelela. The team captain is David Labarre. The squad includes Fabrice Morgado, Samir Gassama, Martin Baron, Yvan Wouandji  and Aïmen Gazouzi.


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