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Brazilian wheelchair user wins right to watch games with family at stadium

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RS Paradesporto reported earlier today that Felipe Correa da Silva took the  Estádio Beira Rio to court in Brazil following a failed attempt to get tickets to watch the clássico Gre-Nal  between Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense and Sport Club Internacional where his son Gustavo, who uses a wheelchair, could sit with him and the rest of the family.    Correa won an injunction against the stadium and Sport Club Internacional, requiring them to provide accommodation that would allow the family to sit together.



Correa is quoted by RS Paradesport as saying of the decision to grant an injunction, “Truly we live in a capitalist society where what matters is the lowest cost to have the highest profit this case of Internacional , this is exactly what happened, because the stadium is “new “and, therefore, might well have made the best possible adaptions , but they did not because they would be spending more money in the works, and only goal of the club is the maximum profit.I’m not aware of the content of the TAC , but I know very well the Federal Constitution and its say that by being wounded by Inter,  we must fight for that to change, it is absurd to have a family where others can make a decision about being able to watch a football match with his family, just because we have a son who uses a wheelchair.  And for those who do not understand the difficulties of access in a wheelchair, I invite you to tour the stadium and the city for a day in a wheelchair. Perhaps that is easier to understand that there must be changes. “


The judge in the case agreed with the father’s position regarding the constitutional issues, saying in the decision, “… Ensure that access to family, guardianship author of the principle of equality, which guarantees the applicant deserving of the same treatment as the others visiting the Club  who do not have a  condition requiring use of a wheelchair, ie, could normally watch the game with his parents and siblings. So, this is a limit, we recommend that reasonableness, the person’s right be recognized: the frequency with parents and younger siblings of the person, which may be solved by the Club, just a little goodwill towards people with disabilities.”
The fight for disability access to this stadium has been going for a while, without much success.   It remains unclear if this ruling will lead to changes regarding future accessibility for wheelchair users at the stadium.

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