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Brisbane Roar Powerchair Football Club confirm they are one of the best teams in Australia

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This was originally published at Laura Hale’s answer to, “Why are the Brisbane Roar Powerchair Football Club one of the best powerchair football clubs in Australia?”.



Powerchair football is a game of four on four.  To dominate, a team really needs either one good player and three supporting players, or excellent teammate work.  It helps if you can have one or two players on the bench who can easily integrate on the floor should you need subs, either because of injury or because some one can’t make the game.
Beyond that, a team really needs to have a good support network behind the scenes.  This network needs to support players getting to games, having access to training facilities, providing coaching, etc.
The Brisbane Roar have that on court leadership and dominance thanks to Tristram Peters. The team also includes Tom Latcham,  and Blair Garton.  The Roar have an advantage over several other clubs, especially South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia clubs in that they have players who have represented Australia internationally.  It gives them a depth of experience that teams with less experience and a shorter history do not have. The team also has players who have big game experience domestically.  They’ve played in national championship finals in Australia before on different levels.  When it comes to playing, they don’t fold under pressure.
They have the behind the scenes support that allow them to be one of the best teams nationally in Australia because of their relationship with local A-League team Brisbane Roar FC and their community development program.
Another advantage for the Brisbane Roar is that they are effectively the Queensland state team, and not just a club team.  This gives them an advantage against some of the teams from New South Wales and Victoria.  This gets them all the best talent in the state, and doesn’t dilute it across other local clubs.  It gives them consistency, because they can go from club play to state play without having to worry about changing things up too much.
All these things combined make the Brisbane Roar PFC one of the top three teams nationally in Australia, who would probably be competitive in any domestic competition in Europe.
Laura Hale
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Laura Hale is a sport journalist, specializing in Paralympic and disability sport news. Prior to helping found ParaSport-News, she spent two and a half years working as a journalist on Wikinews, a citizen journalism site. As a journalist, she has covered the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London, the 2013 IPC Alpine Skiing World Championships in La Molina, the 2014 Winter Paralympics in Sochi, and a number of other sporting events. She has additional experience with Paralympic sport having worked as a Wikipedian in Residence for the Australian and Spanish Paralympic Committees.

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