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Circuito de Golf Adaptado de la FGM coninutes this weekend in Madrid

Golf ball. Image credit: Booyabazooka. License: This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

The Circuito de Golf Adaptado de la FGM continues this weekend in Madrid at Club de Golf La Dehesa, with 22 adaptive golfers participating.  It is the second to event in the competition before a break is taken because of the heat of the Spanish summer. Federacion de Golf de Madrid President Ignacio Guerras Pérez is attending the event.


Those competing include Luis Bazaga Nieto, Alberto Núñez Escobedo, Pablo Cabanillas Boto, Tomás Segura Collado, José Fernando Fernández Martínez, José Luis Ortega Carretero, Juan Badía Cachinero, Felipe Herranz Pérez, Saturnino Palomino Bazaga, Francisco Salvador Peral, José Martínez Fernández, Carlos Álarez Rodero, José Manuel Heras Hernanz, Carloes Cofrades Eguren, Guillermo Enrique Moreno Cuaresama, Eduardo Vegas Ochoa, José Raúl Delgado, Pedro Martínez Hernández, José Manuel Garcia Garrido, Magín Lozano Pascual, María del Mar Mantilla, and José Calvo Rodríguez.

The competition uses Stableford rules for scoring instead of the more traditional rules.  The goal is to encourage golfers to keep going, even if they have a poor performance on one or two holes.


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