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Deaf Champions League publishes schedule 2015 DCL Graz

Austria flag map Austria flag map. Image credit: Валентин-5Воробьёв

Earlier today, futsal’s Deaf Champions League published the scheduled for next year’s 2015 Deaf Champions League scheduled to get underway on February 18th at ASKÖ Stadion in Graz, Austria. There are 24 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams scheduled to participate. Late in planning, GSV Zurich had to withdraw and were replaced by Germany’s GSG Stuttgart. The replacement was chosen because of DCL Futsal Ranking.



The schedule has 6 groups of men’s teams, with each group having four teams each with the top two teams from each group going through to a second group stage. Following that stage, the top two teams will go through to the quarterfinals. The first round starts on February 18, with the second group stage being played on the 19th, quarterfinals and semifinals played on the 20th, with the finals scheduled for the 21st.


The women’s competition includes four groups with three teams in each group. The first and second place teams in each group will advance to the quarterfinals. They start playing on February 18, with placement matches for women starting on the 19th.


All games are scheduled to consist of two twenty minute halves, with a five minute break during the half. The draws for groups will be made for both men and women the day before the start of play. Men’s teams scheduled to participate include  G.S.Z. Graz, C.S.S. Reims, A.S. Porto, Zebre Charleroi, G.T.S.V. Essen, D.G.N. Maribor, C.S.S.T. Craiova, M.K.S.N. Maz. Warszawa, C.D.S. Huelva, S.K.K. Vitkovice, A.S.L.S. Nancy, A.S.D. Sordi Guidonia, Trondheim D.I.L., G.S.Z. Linz, G.S.V. Karlsruhe, Debreceni S.F.S.K. , Lions M.S. Haifa, S.K. Lundia, St. John´S D.F.C., Glasgow Deaf Ath F.C., Ulduz F.K. Baku, Globen Sport, G.S.V. Zürich, and A.S.K.P.N. Peiraias. Women’s teams scheduled to participate include St. John’S  D.F.C., S.S.S. Milano ,  Moscow Region , I.K. Hephata Stockholm, S.S.C. Budapest, Trondheim D.I.L.,  C.S.S.M. Paris, P.K.S.N. Ton Poznan,  G.S.V. Aachen,  C.D.S. Sevilla,  Kölner G.S.V., and Youth Of Moscow.

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