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Equestrian New Zealand announces new membership fees

New Zealand Para-Equestrian logo.

Earlier today, Equestrian New Zealand announced a new and simplified member structure and different registration fees.  These will become effective as of August 1.

New Zealand Para-Equestrian logo.

New Zealand Para-Equestrian logo.



According to Equestrian New Zealand, the decision to change was based on a desire to increase casual participation in the sport across the country, and to make it easier for people organizing events to set participation fees.


For para-equestrians, the new fees are a NZ$60 membership fee, a NZ$65 Full ESNZ Equine Registration fee, and a NZ$2 discipline levy per test.   These fees are largely in line with other discplines, except for the absence of a Discipline Annual Start fee.


There apparently have been some issues with the new registration process, as Para-Equestrian New Zealand said on Facebook, “ESNZ Registration for 2014 – 2015 – There seems to be a little confusion with this. If you are registering for just Para you will need to pay Full Membership $60 + Equine Registration $65 and there is no Discipline annual start levy so your total will be $125. If you also want to enter Dressage classes (able bodied) you will need to add the Dressage Annual Start Fee of either $60 or $90 depending on the level you will be competing at. YOU ONLY NEED TO PAY THE MEMBERSHIP AND EQUINE REGISTRATION ONCE.”

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