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Federación Paralímpica de Costa Rica responds to article about NPC suspension

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Federación Paralímpica de Costa Rica have written a response to an article published online in Costa Rica’s El Mundo about the situation with the International Parlympic Committee suspension of the country’s recognized National Parlaympic Committee.



FPCR claims the IPC suspended Comité Paralímpico Costarricense (CPC) because the body was nor recognized by the Costa Rican government, and specifically the Consejo Nacional del Deporte y Recreación (CNDR). The FPCR then says the suspension is not for Costa Rica nationally, but applies only to the CPC who are still being allonged to register and send athletes to the 2015 Parapan American Games in Toronto in August.


FPCR goes on to affirm that they are currently the only officially government recognized association allowed to name Costa Rican athletes to national teams. They cite the ninth agreement of Sesión Ordinaria # 917-2014. They then go on to claim they are monitoring who is selected to represent the country in Toronto because of the FPCR’s status as the government body recognized to do so. In their fourth point, FPCR reaffirm a point they made on March 26, claiming the CPC does not exist because there is no national record of the association existing.


The fifth point states that the IPC suspension as a country is temporary until the Costa Rican government issues a statement clarifying which organization is the offical government recognized one. They say the Costa Rican government has sent a clarifying e-mail to Claire Magras, the Membership Relations Manager for the IPC.


FPCR expressed their unhappiness over the “conflict” between FPCR and the CPC becoming news. They wanted to clarify the government is involved, and the rule of law that supports the FPCR case should be respected without further politicization of the issue. At the same time, they are continuing to respect the IPC decision to allow the CPC to register athletes for the Parapan American Games. They promise not to bear any personal grudges or cause any problems regarding Toronto, and are will to provide assistance to anyone who requires it. They conclude by reiterating their goal of being about being founded to support current and future Paralympians from Costa Rica, and about being for inclusion and equity in sport without barriers.


The CPC was suspended by the IPC on March 4, because of the lack of clarity as to which organization had government recognition: Comité Paralímpico Costarricense or Federación Paralímpica de Costa Rica.  Such recognition is required by membership rule in the IPC, and its removal can trigger an almost immediate loss of membership.

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