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Finland, Russia and Brazil getting sitting volleyball wins at Pajulahti Games

Sitting volleyball pictogram
Snow on benches

Conditions outside the indoor facilities at the Pajulahti Games are cold. Image credit: Pim Scherpenzeel

In the last three games yesterday on the opening day of the Pajulahti Games in Nastola, Finland, The Finns, Brazilians and Russians all got wins.  Coupled with the Netherlands and Russia having won the first two games, Russia’s women finished the day at the top, Brazil finished in second position, Netherlands third, Finland fourth and Hungary last.



Finland defeated 3 – 0, with sets of 25 – 21, 25 – 19, and 25 – 13.  In the Russian verses Netherlands game, Russia went 3 – 2, with sets of 25-17, 25 – 27, 25 – 17, 27 – 29, and 15 – 10. Brazil blanked Finland 3 – 0, going 25 – 20, 25 – 14, 25 – 17.


The Brazilian roster includes Aderlandi Borges da Silva, Gizele Maria da Costa Dias, Adria Jesus da Silva, Andressa Luzia Santos, Gabrielle Aparecida Marchi, Nathalie Filomena de Lima Silva, Jani Freitas Batista, Esther Stephanie Forastiero, Paula Angeloti Herts , Nurya de Almeida Silva, Suellen Dellangelica Lima, and Gilvania José de Lima. The team arrived early, and were training by January 10.  They did some skiing as part of this.


Helena Skogström, Raisa Möller, Hanna-Maria Sariluoto, Petra Pakarinen, Julia Koskinen, Annukka Jäätteenmäki, Laura Haaranen, Päivi Husso, Maria Valkeavuori, Maria Viitala, and Anne Mäki are members of the Finnish team.


The Russian team competing includes Tatiyana Kryukova, Marina Karaseva, Yulia Zakrevskaya, Irina Smirnova, Liubov Permyakova, Elena Lebedeva, Tatiana Ivanova , Anna Bisaeva, Ekaterina Chepkiy, Iuliia Mednikova, Elizaveta Kunstman, Olga Kozlova, and Olga Arbatskaya.


Hungary has the second smallest squad.  Their roster includes Adrienn Kovács, Nikoletta Molnár, Éva Muszáj Péterné Adamik, Barbara Nebehaj, Éva Szabóne Sipos, Erzsebet Szilágyi, and Viktória Wekman.


Annelies Van der Bilt

Annelies Van der Bilt. Image credit: Ned. Dames Zitvolleybal Team (supporterspagina)

The Netherlands brought the fewest number of players.  National team members in Finland include Fleur Van Dam, Annelies Van der Bilt, Elvira Stinissen, Djoke Van Marum, Karin Van der Haar, Judith Jacobs, Paula List, and Jaaike Brandsma.


Later today,  Hungary plays the Netherlands, Finland plays Russia, Brazil meets Hungary, the Netherlands plays Finland, Russia plays Brazil and the day concludes with the 4 – 5 qualification match.  Sunday starts with the bronze medal match at 9:30 AM local time, and concludes at 11:30 local time with the gold medal match.

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