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Five national records set at Hellenic Powerlifting Championships

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The  Hellenic Powerlifting Championships took place this past Saturday in Pylaia, Thessaloniki, with five new Greek national records having been set at the event.  The records were set by Nikos Gkoyntanis in the 72 kilos class, Konstantinos Dimoy in+107 kilo class, Dimitris Mpakochristos in the 54 kilo class, Panagiotis Eythymioy in the 49 kilo class, and Paschalis Koyloymogloy in the 59 kilo class.



Gkoyntanis from NAS Achaia won his class with a lift of 186 kilos. Blassis Danilakogloy finished second in the 72 kilo event with a lift of 126 kilos, while  Mikis Stamatidis finished in third with a lift of 116 kilos.  In the 80 to 88 kilo event, Gkremislab Moysiadis came away the clear winner with a lift of 180 kilos.  Vassilios Terzitanos was second in that event with a lift of 155 kilos, while Athanassios Georgiadis was third on a lift of 130 kilos.  In the 97 kilo weight class, Anastasios Mpaosof came away with winner with a 180 kilo lift, while  Dimitrios Anatolitis was second and Dimitrios Kostoylas was third.  In the 107 kilo class, Pavlos Mamalos was first, while Konstantinos Dimoy was second and Pavlos Damianidis was third.  In the combined 495459 weight class, Mpakochristos finished first, while Koyloymogloy was second and Eythymioy  was third.  Anastasia Kazantzidoy was the only woman competing at the event.  Competing in the 86 kilo weight class, she had a lift of 55 kilos.


The competition was organized by the Greek Weightlifting Federation in conjunction with the local municipal government.  Twenty-three lifters took part.  Parallel to the competition, an IPC powerlifting seminar took place.


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