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Football Yana Budyukina’s body returns to Russia for funeral today

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After the death of deaf Russian football player Yana Budyukina last Tuesday in Brazil on a road at 4am, there were delays in repatriating her body because of a lack of insurance.  Her sister raised around US$15,000/900,000 Rubles to cover the cost, and Budyukina’s body arrived back in Russia yesterday, with a funeral scheduled to be held at 10:00 AM local time at in the Botkin Hospital.


It remains unclear why Budyukina was traveling through a tunnel on a road locals considered dangerous where she was hit by a car.  An initial delay in efforts to repatriate her happened because her family was unable to secure immediate assistance from Russia’s Foreign Ministry and the Emergency Situations Ministry.  They then decided to independently act to get Budyukina returned.

Governor of the Kaluga region Anatoly Artamonov has assisted with local funeral costs by allocating land for her burial. The Russian Football Union for the Deaf provided funds to assist with reparation. Russian women’s national deaf football team coach Yakov Frenkel also personally assisted in the efforts. also assisted by reporting on the situation, and drawing attention to the assistance needed to help out. Other people and organizations providing assistance and funds included the deaf football team of the Moscow region and her coach Michael Shlenkov, Minister of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Kaluga region Alexei Loginov, friends Olga and Maria Glupanovoy Rumyantsev, and sign language interpreter Marina Petrov. Funds were also donated by people around the globe, including some who had never met Budyukina personally.


Russian Football Union for the Deaf  President Artem Nesterov  was quoted as saying of Budyukina, “We know Ian well talented and promising athlete. It is from Kaluga, the first coach was Sergey Usov. Member of the team of the Moscow region, a member of the national team of Russia. We, the men’s and women’s soccer team has already transferred the money. ”


Frenkel was quoted as saying of Budyukina, “I personally knew Jana – she was a member of the national team of Russia and Moscow the field for many years. Ian has been a leading player in the field. Actively participate in social life of football among women willingly translated guys never refused to help the girls on the team. I know it from the positive side. For us, Muscovites – the team “Youth of Moscow” – a great loss. We are very sorry.”


Budyukina represented her country at two Deaflympic Games, including the 2009 edition in Taipei  where her team won bronze and the 2013 edition in Sofia  where her team won silver. She also represented Russia at the 2007 Sofia hosted futsal world where her team won silver, and the 2008 Patras hosted football world championships where her team won gold.

Budyukinahad a passion to travel when not playing football. She had traveled to many places around the globe including Germany, France, Thailand, India, China, Sweden, Switzerland and Spain.



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