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Fourteen Spanish swimmers scheduled to race on first day of Euros

Spanish Paralympic Committee

With the IPC Swimming European Championships schedule to officially start on Monday in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Comité Paralímpico Español has published the competition scheduled as it relates to Spanish swimmers. Fourteen swimmers are scheduled to participate on the first day including Michelle Alonso, Richard Oribe, Sebastián Rodríguez, Jordi Gordillo, David Levecq, Isabel Y. Hernández, Jose Antonio Marí, Carla Casals, Déborah Font, María Delgado, Miguel Ángel Martínez, Teresa Perales, Sarai Gascón, Israel Oliver and Nuria Marques.

Day Time Sex Event Round Class Swimmer
4-Aug 9:00 F 100 backstroke Qualifying S14 Michelle Alonso
4-Aug 9:15 M 100 freestyle Qualifying S4 Richard Oribe
4-Aug 9:38 M 100 freestyle Qualifying S5 Sebastián Rodríguez
4-Aug 9:38 M 100 freestyle Qualifying S5 Jordi Gordillo
4-Aug 9:51 M 50 freestyle Qualifying S10 David Levecq
4-Aug 9:51 F 50 freestyle Qualifying S10 Isabel Y. Hernández
4-Aug 9:57 M 50 freestyle Qualifying S9 Jose Antonio MarÍ
4-Aug 10:28 F 100 breaststroke Final (D) SB12 Carla Casals
4-Aug 10:32 F 100 breaststroke Final (D) SB13 Déborah Font
4-Aug 10:32 F 100 breaststroke Final (D) SB13 María Delgado
4-Aug 10:44 M 100 freestyle Final (D) S3 Miguel Ángel Martínez
4-Aug 10:59 F 100 freestyle Final (D) S5 Teresa Perales
4-Aug 11:05 F 50 freestyle Final (D) S9 Sarai Gascón
4-Aug 11:05 F 50 freestyle Final (D) S9 Nuria Marques
4-Aug 17:00 F 100 backstroke Final S14 Michelle Alonso
4-Aug 17:08 M 100 breaststroke Final (D) SB11 Israel Oliver
4-Aug 17:36 M 100 freestyle Final S4 Richard Oribe
4-Aug 18:22 M 100 freestyle Final S5 Sebastián Rodríguez
4-Aug 18:22 M 100 freestyle Final S5 Jordi Gordillo
4-Aug 18:48 M 50 freestyle Final S10 David Levecq
4-Aug 18:51 F 50 freestyle Final S10 Isabel Y. Hernández
4-Aug 18:54 M 50 freestyle Final S9 Jose Antonio Marí

Spain’s team has a lot of depth in their team, with many swimmers having competed in London or at last year’s IPC Swimming World Championships in Montreal. Alonso is a Paralympic and world champion gold medalist. Oribe won a pair of medals in London, a bronze and a silver.  Rodriguez won a silver and two bronze medals in London, and competed at last year’s worlds.  Israel Oliver also won gold at last year’s worlds. Martínez won five medals at last year’s world championships, and was the team’s most decorated swimmer at the competition. Mari, Levecq, Font, Casals all were part of the 2013 IPC Swimming World Championship team, though they did not medal.   They also were all part of Spain’s 2012 Paralympic team.  Teresa Perales is making her return to the pool after illness kept from competing at last year’s world championship.  She comes into the event as Spain’s most decorated Paralympic athlete of all time.



The IPC Swimming European Championships are scheduled to officially start on August 4 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 400 athletes from almost 40 countries are expected to take part, including Spain’s Teresa Perales who is making her return to international competition. The event is last major competition for many European competitors before next year’s world championships.

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