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French Parabadminton Championship concludes

Group of people. French Parabadminton Championship concludes. Image credit: Comite Handisport Midi Pyrenees

The French Parabadminton Championship concluded yesterday in Colomiers; it was the first national championship for the sport to be held in France. Winners included Geoffrey Byzery in the SH SL3 class, Lucas Mazur in the SH SL4 class, Fabien Morat in the SH SS6 class, Colin Kerouanton in the SH SU5 class, David Toupe in the SH WH1 class, Francois Nalborczyk in the SH WH2 class, Pascal Baron and Xavier Debavelaere in the DH SL3 class, Geoffrey Byzery and Lucas Mazur in the DH SL4 class, Fabien Morat and Stéphane Petit in the DH SU5/SS6 class, Pascal Barrillon and David Toupe in the DH WH1/WH2 – DH WH1 class, Jenna Llorens in the SD SU5/SL4/SL3 class, Audrey Bellia Sauvage in the SD WH1 class, Pamela Masse in the SD WH2 class, Thifaine Auvert and Véronique Braud in the DD SU5/SL4/SL3 class, Audrey Bellia Sauvage and Pamela Masse in the DD WH2 class, Lucas Mazur and Véronique Braud in the DX SU5/SL4/SL3 class, David Toupe and Audrey Bellia Sauvage in the DX WH1 class, and Francois Nalborczyk and Pamela Masse in the DX WH2 class.



Players competing in the tournament included David Toupe who plays for a club in Tarbais, and Hervé Pélissier who plays for Handisport Onet Rodez. Sabine Salmon, part of the part of the regional handisport organization’s steering committee, also took part.



The event was organized by the Midi Pyrenees Badminton League, with assistance from the Comité Régional Handisport Midi-Pyrénées.  Since Richard Remaud became the President of Fédération Française de Badminton, the parabadminton game has changed, and become recognized as a separate discipline inside the French organization.  The sport came to France in 2004, after it was exported by the Germans.


Parabadminton has six classifications: WH1 for wheelchair competitors without use of their abdominal muscles, WH2 for wheelchair users with use of their abdominals, SL3 for standing players with severe lower limb functionality issues, SL4 for standing players with minor lower limb functionality issues, SU5 for players with an upper limb disability, and SU6 for players with short stature.  There are five disciplines, including men’s and women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles, and mixed doubles.

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