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Garrido, Benito, Majo, Martínez, Romero win at the Spanish national school and adapted swimming championships

After competition practice tonight. Image credit: Cto España Natación Badajoz 2014

Yesterday, another day of swimming finished at the Spanish national school and adapted swimming championships, with Jacobo Garrido Brun, Julia Benito de Tena, and Ana María Martínez Rolania all earning first place finishes at the event.


Extremadura S10 classified swimmer Julia Benito de Tena was the biggest winner on the day, winning the 100 meter women’s freestyle and 100 meter women’s backstroke races. The fifteen year old did not compete in the third race of the day for women, the 100 meter women’s breaststroke which was won by another fifteen year old, Ana María Martínez Rolania. Benito finished first in the qualifying race for the 100 meter women’s freestyle, beating second place S10 classified Martínez by about 5 seconds. While Martínez closed the gap in the final to a second and a half, Benito improved her time by about half a second to finish the race with a time of 01:08,15.

Valencian Ana María Martínez Rolania won the 100 meter breaststroke in a field that was only four deep and had no preliminary race. Classified SB9 in the race, she finished with a time of 01:33,69, she finished eight seconds faster than second place fourteen year old SB9 classified Asturias swimmer Adriana Perez Alvarez. It was Martínez’s second first of the competition, having finished first in the 50 meter women’s breaststroke on the first day of competition.

Majo’s first place in the 100 meter men’s breaststroke was his second in the competition. He also had a first place finish on the first day of competition in the 50 meter men’s breaststroke. Representing the Community of Catalonia, he finished with a time of 01:28,21, a second and a half faster than second place finisher Community of Madrid swimmer Carlos Martínez Fernández.

In the other two races, Galacian S9 classified Jacobo Garrido Brun won the 100 meter men’s freestyle with a time of 01:13,65. Andalucían S6 classified Tomas Romero Cordoba won the 100 meter men’s backstroke with a time of 01:42,64. Because of results factoring, he beat second place S9 classified finisher Garrido who had a time of 01:29,81.

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