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GBWBA announces teams for The Lord’s Taverns National Junior Championships

With the The Lord’s Taverns National Junior Championships scheduled to start on July 25 at Stoke Mandeville Stadium, today Great Britain Wheelchair Basketball Association announced the players selected to represent their regions.



The event was created as an opportunity for younger players to hone their skills, and provide a potential pathway into the national team program. Games are shorter than normal regulation time.  Past winners have gone on to represent Great Britain at a higher level, including Billy Bridge who captained the North West U15s team to victory in 2008.


Last year’s edition was won by North West.  West Midlands won it in 2012.  East Midlands won it in 2010 and 2011.  East won it in 2010. North West won it in 2008.



Scotland U15 Team

Head Coach: Niall Ritchie
Assistant Coach: Paul Sloan
Team Manager: Jim Beattie

  • Harry Stratton (Lothian Phoenix)
  • Luke Deighan (Lothian Phoenix)
  • David Beattie (Lothian Phoenix)
  • Hannah Harper (Dundee Dragons)
  • Tom McCaffrey (Lothian Phoenix)
  • Jason Junior Giles (Lothian Phoenix)
  • Cameron Davis (Lothian Phoenix)
  • James Beattie (Lothian Phoenix)

Wales U15 Team

Head Coach: Martin Lansley
Assistant Coach: Peter Grime
Team Manager: Kelsey Evans

  • Ethan Bennett (Caerphilly Celts)
  • Anastasia Blease (Rhyl Raptors)
  • Nia Evans (Rhyl Raptors)
  • Adam Foulkes (Caernafon Celts)
  • Kimberley Hughes (Caernafon Celts)
  • Assim Hussain (Conwy Thunder)
  • Kieran Jones (Anglesey Hawks)
  • Daniel May (Cardiff Celts)
  • Luke Ravernscroft (Conwy Thunder)
  • Harry Thomas (Haverford West)

Northern Ireland U15 Team

Head Coach: Paul Mckillop
Team Manager: Jim Agnew

  • Connor Nagle (Knights)
  • Peter Lewis (Knights)
  • Ross Gourley (Knights)
  • Josh Graham (Knights)
  • Nathan McCabe (Knights)
  • Emmet Campbell (Knights)
  • Dahman Hughes (Knights)
  • James Robinson (Fermanagh Lakers)

North East U15 Team

Head Coach: Lee Fawcett
Assistant Coach: Phil Bramley
Team Manager: Ali Barnes

  • Alice Barnes (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Josh Holdforth (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Dylan Prowse (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Tamara Ullyart (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Esmee Ullyart (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Brooke Mottram (Newcastle Eagles)
  • Liam Readle (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Stephen Johnson (RGK Tees Valley Titans)
  • Jacob Tempest (RGK Tees Valley Titans)

North West U15 Team

Head Coach: Paula Johnson
Assistant Coach: Julian Mattinson
Team Manager: Emma Tomkinson

  • Finley Tonner (Manchester Mavericks)
  • Callum Doherty (Vikings)
  • Jack Tate (Vikings)
  • Lewis Craddock (Vikings)
  • Tyler Baines (Carlisle Panthers)
  • Lauryn Beattie (Carlisle Panthers)
  • Louis Telford (Wigan Warthogs)
  • Callum Fairweather (Vikings)
  • Ethan Pattinson (Carlisle Panthers)
  • Joel Pattinson (Carlisle Panthers)

Yorkshire U15 Team

Head Coach: Jack Brown
Assistant Coach: Jack Waring
Team Manager: Debbie Roberts

  • Oscar Kemp (Wakefield Whirlwinds)
  • Matthew Wilson (Leeds Spiders)
  • William Evans (Wakefield Whirlwinds)
  • Georgina Waft (Sheffield Steelers)
  • Thomas Harvey (Wakefield Whirlwinds)
  • Harry Norton (Hull Stingers)

East Midlands U15 Team

Head Coach: Simon Bonner
Assistant Coach: Ian Brown
Team Manager: Angus Drew

  • Harry Whitely (Mansfield Maulers)
  • Holly Lounds (Mansfield Maulers)
  • Joel James (Jaguars)
  • Serina James (Jaguars)
  • Pam Belson (Melton Stallions)
  • Elliot (Melton Stallions)
  • Tom Croft (Jaguars)
  • Luke Holland (Jaguars)

West Midlands U15 Team

Head Coach: Tom Masterson
Assistant Coach: Josh Surgeoner
Team Manager: Ellie Jones

  • Cameron Swan (CWBA)
  • Thomas Cutts (CWBA)
  • Sameer Rahmen (CWBA)
  • Jessica Dowdeswell (CWBA)
  • Harry Evans (RGK UoW Sporting Club Rhinos)
  • Callum McEvoy (RGK UoW Sporting Club Rhinos)
  • Nathan Leese (Stoke Spitfires)
  • Dana Taylor (Stoke Spitfires)
  • Rebecca Berisford (Stoke Spitfires)

South East U15 Team

Head Coach: Jez Winsborrow
Assistant Coach: Amy Rew
Team Manager: Alex McDowall

  • Joshua Dodd (Hampshire Hornets)
  • Matthew Cooper (Hampshire Hornets)
  • Kieran Jones (Thames Valley Kings)
  • PJ O’Donovan (Aces)
  • Zack McDowall (Hampshire Hornets)
  • Matthew Stan (Aces)
  • Liam Barker (Thames Valley Kings)
  • Jamie Winduss (Hampshire Hornets)
  • Harry Price (Aces)

London U15 Team

Head Coach: Austin Kentebe
Assistant Coach: Percy Hutchful
Team Manager: Israel Vidal

  • David Batista (Brixton Ballers)
  • Kyle Alexander (GLL & Aspire Lonon Titans / Brixton Ballers)
  • Cassie Malyon (Brixton Ballers / Lewisham Thunder)
  • Rico Williams (Lewisham Thunder)
  • Ben Triglia-Poulton (GLL & Aspire London Titans)
  • Jack Norman (GLL & Aspire London Titans)
  • Ellie Douglas (GLL & Aspire London Titans)
  • Jamie Ray Dawson (Frenford Falcons / GLL & Aspire London Titans)
  • Alex (Salmon YC)
  • Cameron O’Connor (Salmon YC)
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