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Great Britain sole undefeated team left at 2014 Swiss Preparation Wheelchair Rugby Tournament

Swiss Quad Rugby logo. Image credit: IWRF.
Swiss Quad Rugby logo.  Image credit: IWRF.

Swiss Quad Rugby logo. Image credit: IWRF.

With two full days of competition completed, the Great Britain national wheelchair rugby team remains the only remaining undefeated team at the 2014 Swiss Preparation Wheelchair Rugby Tournament.


As of this morning, Great Britain was 3 – 0, with a 51 – 27 victory against Belgium, a  60 – 37 win against Finland, and a 49-36 win against Switzerland. Belgium and Germany have the next best records, going 2 – 1 each.  The USA has yet win.  They lost to Switzerland 52 – 32, were defeated 51 – 47 by Finland, and had a narrow 46 – 45 loss  to Germany.

The United States roster for the competition includes Nate Harmon, Lee Fredette, Josh O’Neill, Kevin Crombie, CJ Brown, Eric Ingram, Ronnie Adams, Talbot Kennedy, Cody Kingsland, Brandon Summerville, Clayton Brackett, and Ryan Kress while being coached by Dave Ceruti. The team was seeded number two and was expected to win more games.

Games continue today. The remaining games are between Switzerland and Finland, Belgium and USA, Great Britain and Germany, Finland and Belgium, USA and Great Britain, and Switzerland and Germany.  Live streaming of the games is available here.

The Swiss Preparation Wheelchair Rugby Tournament is a warm up competition for the 2014 IWRF Wheelchair Rugby World Championship scheduled to be held from August 1 to 10 in Odense, Denmark. Belgium, Germany, the United States, Great Britain and Finland have all qualified for the event. Only Switzerland is not scheduled to participate in it, despite their participation in the warm up event. Australia and New Zealand, both qualified for the competition, had a warm up event last week with a test in New Zealand.

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