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Host Named For Division C European Goalball Championships

This week IBSA announced that the Division C European Goalball Championships will be held in Malmo, Sweden from February 1st to 6th 2015. The event will be jointly hosted by the Swedish Sporting Organization for the Disabled & FIFH Malmo.


If that last name sounds familiar, well it should.  Peter Bjorkstrand and the crew at FIFH Malmo are well versed in hosting top end Goalball competitions. Every winter they host the Malmo Open for club teams and later in each year they are responsible for major International competitions the Malmo Lady Intercup and Malmo Men Intercup. All three of these events are well regarded world wide for being as being well organized and hosting top teams.

Sweden, of course, is not a Division C Goalball nation but were awarded the Championships anyway due to being the only IBSA member nation to put forward a bid to do so. The committee was, of course, very comfortable with Sweden hosting due to their experience mentioned above.

The event also falls just days before the 2015 Malmo Open club tournament which may encourage some of these teams or players to stay after the Championships to compete in the Open as well.

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