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IBSA publishes January 2015 goalball world rankings

Goalball pictogram. Goalball pictogram.

Yesterday, the IBSA published the  January 2015 goalball world rankings.  There were a number of events that impacted ranking since the last ones were published.  This included the  FEDC tournament held in Madrid, and the Central American Championships. 24 men’s teams out of 70 changed their ranking compared to only 17 out of 36 on the women’s side.



On the men’s side, the biggest movers was Panama, moving up sixteen from 60th to 44th, their best ever world ranking. Guatemala’s men moved up thirteen, from 37th to a team best 24th. Egypt moved up eleven, from 29th to 18th. Morocco saw the biggest drop, falling nine places 26th to 35th.  Ghana was another team with a big drop, going down seven from 47th to 54th. Honduras dropped five, from 55th to 60th and last.  Other teams with ranking changes include Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Poland, Thailand, Russia, Iraq, Great, United Arab Emirates, El Salvador, Australia, Croatia, Oman, Netherlands, Greece, Rwanda and Kuwait.


On the women’s side, Nicaragua was the biggest gainer going up eleven, from 22nd to 11th. Costa Rica was another big mover, going up six from 28th to 22nd.  Other teams going up or down one to three places include Guatemala, Australia, Sweden, Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, El Salvador, Greece, Honduras, Iraq, Thailand, Panama, South Korea and Laos.
At the recently completed Pajulahti Games in Finland, Lithuania 2 men’s finished first, Finland 1 second, Lithuania 1 finished third and Finnish club side Näpäjä finished fourth. In the women’s competition, the United States finished first, Canada second, Näpäjä finished third, with Israel finishing in fourth.
IBSA January 2015 men’s goalball world rankings

Rank Team
1st Brazil
2nd Turkey
3rd Lithuania
4th Iran
5th Spain
6th United States
7th Czech Republic
8th Finland
9th Algeria
10th Canada
11th China
12th Germany
13th Slovenia
14th Sweden
15th Belgium
16th Ukraine
17th Japan
18th Egypt
19th Nicaragua
20th Saudi Arabia
21st Qatar
22nd Israel
23rd Poland
24th Guatemala
25th Thailand
26th Russia
27th Iraq
28th Great Britain
29th United Arab Emirates
30th Hungary
31st South Korea
32nd Italy
33rd Denmark
34th El Salvador
35th Morocco
36th Australia
37th Croatia
38th Oman
39th Netherlands
40th Jordan
41st Portugal
42nd Costa Rica
43rd Greece
44th Panama
45th Bahrain
46th France
47th Rwanda
48th Malaysia
49th Indonesia
50th Argentina
51st Peurto Rico
52nd Bulgaria
53rd Romania
54th Ghana
55th Kuwait
56th Kosovo
57th Venezuela
58th Azerbeijan
59th Myanmar
60th Honduras
61st Mexico
62nd Moldova
63rd Yemen
64th Kenya
65th Bosnia and Herzegovina
66th New Zealand
67th Slovakia
68th Barbados
69th Brunei
70th Mongolia

IBSA January 2015 women’s goalball world rankings

Rank Team
1st China
2nd Japan
3rd Brazil
4th United States
5th Russia
6th Turkey
7th Canada
8th Iran
9th Finland
10th Israel
11th Nicaragua
12th Guatemala
13th Australia
14th Sweden
15th Ukraine
16th Denmark
17th Germany
18th Great Britain
19th Spain
20th Hungary
21st El Salvador
22nd Costa Rica
23rd Greece
24th Honduras
25th Iraq
26th Thailand
27th Panama
28th South Korea
29th Laos
30th France
31st Belgium
32nd Mexico
33rd Netherlands
34th New Zealand
35th Myanmar
36th Mongolia


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