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IFDS/ISAF Paralympic sailing survey due Tuesday limited in scope

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With Tuesday’s deadline for Member National Authorities in sailing to submit their survey responses fast approaching, ParaSport News has been sent a copy of the IFDS/ISAF survey which the organization has said on Facebook they sent out in response to the decision to remove sailing from the 2020 Summer Paralympics.



The survey is six questions long.  It asks the name of the MNA, if they have a disability sailing program, if they support Paralympic sailors, what Paralympic sailing equipment is used, and the number of sailors in their national Paralympic program.


The IPC handbook with requirements for inclusion on the program says, “Only individual sports and disciplines widely and regularly practised in a minimum of thirty-two (32) countries and three (3) IPC regions may be considered for inclusion in the Paralympic Games.”  The guidelines specify that a country count ifs, “It has been holding recognised/sanctioned National Championships within the last four (4) years OR: It has been competing with a national delegation in internationally recognised/sanctioned competitions on a regular basis within the last four (4) years.”  The handbook goes on to state, “The application must include proof in the form of official results lists that the “widely and regularly practiced criteria” is fulfilled.”



As of March 18, IFDS has said only 32 MNAs have responded.  The survey failed to ask about the one of the available criteria, “It has been holding recognised/sanctioned National Championships within the last four (4) years”. The poorly constructed survey and the reported lack of responses from MNAs appears problematic if ISAF and IFDS had any genuine ability to make a participation case for re-inclusion on the 2020 Paralympic program, and possibly for re-inclusion at the 2024 Paralympic Games.


 DRAFT PARALYMPIC SAILING QUESTIONNAIRE  1.Name of MNA:  2. Are Disabled Sailing National Programmes conducted by your Federation ☐ YES☐ NO  (If you have answered YES please go straight to question 4)   3. If you answered NO to Question 2 then please detail which organization within your country is responsible for Disabled Sailing?  Name: Click here to enter text.  Address: Click here to enter text.  Tel No: Click here to enter text. Email: Click here to enter text. Website: Click here to enter text.    4.Do you or the organization above cater for Paralympic Athletes? ☐ YES		☐ NO  a.	If the answer is NO to Question 4 then are their plans to include this in the future and within what timescale? Click here to enter text.  b.	If the answer is YES to Question 4 can you provide evidence of what Paralympic Sailing is available? 5.	Click here to enter text.  6.	Please detail which Paralympic Equipment is used:  One-Person Keelboat, 2.4mR;	☐  Two-Person Keelboat, SKUD18;	☐  Three-Person Keelboat, Sonar	☐  7.	Please indicate the number of athletes in your national Paralympic Programme?

A copy of the ISAF survey sent to MNAs.



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