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INAIL oggi: prevenzione, ricerca e riabilitazione opens tomorrow

Flag of Italy.

Tomorrow in Turin, Italy, INAIL oggi: prevenzione, ricerca e riabilitazione opens.  Speakers at the conference include President of the Comitato Paralimpico Piemonte Silvia Bruno and the captain of the national team ice sledge hockey Andrea Chiarotti.



There are a number of presentations on the program, including one about reintegration into society through sport. Another is about women at work in Italy during the industrial age.  Another topic is rehabilitation insurance for workers.  The last major topic is about occupational risk associated with breast and nasal cancer.



This is a conference was organized by Direzione Regionale del Piemonte dell’Istituto with assistance from Regione Piemonte. L’Istituto nazionale per l’assicurazione contro gli infortuni sul lavoro e le malattie professionali (INAIL) is an independent organization in Italy under the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. It assists workers who develop disabilities through insurance, and taxes businesses to pay for this assistance.

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