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Indian government threatens to strip Paralympic Committee of India recognition

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In a newly released document from India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports dated Thursday, the organization has asked the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) to “show cause as to why the Government recognition should not be withdrawn for violation of conditions” stated in the document.  The PCI had one day to reply and failing a reply, “would be construed that you have nothing to say in the matter and action will be taken accordingly.”



The Government says that PCI has used government assistance to run various programs including coaching camps, organizing domestic and international competitions, and facilitated the participation of national teams through the “Scheme of Assistance to National Sport Federations”.


The Government says the because they have utilized these funds, the PCI has an obligation to “provide for greater accountability and transparency” done in a “professional manner”.  The Government alleges multiple complaints have been made, and that the media reported a great deal about “poor conduct of the 15th National Para Athletics Championships”.


The Government claims the issues were systemic and found across all areas of the event’s organization.  The Government made a separate point to say that the event was organized where “participants were provided limited bedding and made to sleep on the floor.”  It goes on to say, “There were no proper arrangements for drinking water and most of the bathroom were non-functional.”  At the same time, the point also acknowledges that far more people participated than had originally registered to do so.


The Government alleges the PCI did not treat event organization in a serious manner. According to the Government, the PCI responded to initial complaints of problems by saying they had outsourced organization of the event to the Uttar Pradesh Paralympic Association.  The Government basically claims the organization of a national event should have been done by a national organization, and that the Ministry does not deal with regional sport organization.  Thus, the Government holds the PCI responsible.


The Government says that the PCI told them that no Government funds had been allocated to the event’s organization, nor to similar national events.  The Government alleges the PCI’s claims are false, and they cite specific evidence to back this claim.


The Government starts their conclusion by stating that under specific circumstance that National Sport Federation (NSF) recognition can be withdrawn.  The finish with the demand for a response.


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