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Interview with American judoka Ryan Jones at 2015 IBSA World Games in Seoul

American judoka Ryan Jones, compete in the men's -81kg at the 2015 IBSA World Games in Seoul, Korea. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim.

Today, American judoka Ryan Jones competed in the men’s -81kg at the Seoul Student Gymnasium in Seoul, Korea. He was defeated by China’s Haotian Wu in the round of 32.


ParaSport News had an opportunity to interview Ryan Jones, after finishing his match.

ParaSport News: How did you find today’s competition?

Ryan Jones: Especially, this level is extremely tough. This is the world championships leading up to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Everybody is going to be very tough. And unfortunately, my first match didn’t go well. I’m still focused on what’s to come later on the days. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back up, again.

ParaSport News: What would you like to work on more after this event?

Jones: After finishing every event, I always talk with my coach about how things went, what was good, what was bad, and what I need to do, when I get back. And I’m getting to play from there.

ParaSport News: Did you have any challenges while preparing for this event?

Jones: No not specifically. As you know, just build up is always intense. And I was trying to stay focused all the way through.

ParaSport News: How do you feel to compete at the 2015 IBSA World Games, held in Seoul, Korea?

Jones: Never been here before. It feels great that I’m here to represent US at such an event. It is an extreme experience to compete against good players in such a great arena, as they are bringing their best, and we’re bringing our best.

ParaSport News: What does it mean to you to represent US?

Jones: It is an extreme honor, because not everyone can do it.

ParaSport News: What are differences between 2011 World Games in Antalya, Turkey and 2015 World Games in Seoul, Korea?

Jones: Turkey was obviously my first World Games, so I didn’t know what to expect. At that point, I was competing in a different class, +100kg. And now I’m less than 81kg. Calibrate of the competition was different. Everybody is tough, but I’m in a faster weight class, so that’s the big difference between previous World Games and this Games.

ParaSport News: What are your next goal and plan after this event?

Jones: Again, I’ll discuss with my coach about what the tournaments were, and mainly focused on training with him, and then we’ll talk about what the next step is.

ParaSport News: So are you aiming to be qualified for Rio 2016?

Jones: Yes, I am.

Meanwhile, Adnan Gutic beatBelarusian judoka Allaksand Kazlou in the round 16 of the men’s -81kg, but he lost to Korea’s Jung Min Lee and Brazil’s Harlley Damiao Pereira Arruda in the quater final and in repechage round 16, respectively.

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