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Interview with Kevin Brousard who took US the first gold medal at 2015 IBSA World Games in Seoul

American athlete Kevin Brousard at the victory ceremony. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim.

Today, American athlete Kevin Brousard won a gold medal in the men’s F13 discus event with a throw of 44.47 meters at the 2015 IBSA World Games. This result became his personal best throw as well as the new USABA discus record.


Brousard competed against Romania’s Petre Prundaru at Incheon Munhak Stadium in Incheon, Korea. There were only two athletes competing in this event, so it was a gold medal match.

Kevin Brousard throwing the discus. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim

Kevin Brousard throwing the discus. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim

In the first attempt, his discus was caught in the net. He threw 35.06 meters in the second attempt, and then he got the record of 44.23 meters that surpassed his best throw of 44.11 meters. Although he broke the USABA record in the third attempt, he did not stop to renew it. He threw 44.47 meters in the fourth attempt. Unfortunately, he failed to get the results in the remaining two attempts, as crossing the line.

As Rumania’s Prundaru threw his best throw of 27.35 meters, Brousard was able to claim a gold medal in the end.

ParaSport News had an opportunity to interview Kevin Brousard, after finishing the competition.

Kevin Brousard, after winning a gold medal. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim.

Kevin Brousard, after winning a gold medal. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim.

ParaSport News: Congratulations for winning the gold medal! Did you expect to win a medal at this event?

Kevin Brousard: I was really hoping to [win a medal], but I wasn’t really sure how the competition would be, when I got here. Fortunately, the competition was really good. When there is a good competition, you just have to make sure to do the best. I had my best throw [44.47 meters] ever today. I’m very happy to come here not only to win a gold medal, but also to have my best performance ever in a great stadium. It’s a great moment.

ParaSport News: How’s your back injury that you have sustained since last year?

Brousard: My back is pretty good today. About six weeks ago, I re-injured my back, so I was really worried. But I did exercises and rehabilitation, so I got healthy. I took it very easy, as my main goal was to come here to win. It’s been a very up-and-down season, but I’m glad that my back is feeling better, and I was able to win.

ParaSport News: How do you feel to compete at the 2015 World Games, held in Seoul, Korea?

Brousard: It’s my first time to Korea. It’s a really beautiful country, and everyone is nice, and the stadium is amazing. Korean people are very nice to us, so I’m thankful to them.

ParaSport News: How do you feel to represent your country as the only American athlete at this event?

Brousard: It’s kinder strange to represent my country alone in my sporting event. But I’m glad that I won a gold medal as one of the US team here. I love to represent my country, and it implies so much to me.

ParaSport News: What are differences between 2011 Games in Antalya, Turkey and 2015 Games in Seoul, Korea?

Brousard: When I went to Turkey, I was in a college. I was training with the team, so I practised with them everyday. But this time, I’ve graduated, so I had to find out my coach, and I had to do my own training, so it is a lot more on me. And it was a different experience, because I didn’t have the structure of the team, just make my own way.

The countries are also different, too. I like Korea, because it’s like Los Angeles where I’m from. Both competitions are very good time.

ParaSport News: What is your next plan, after the 2015 IBSA World Games?

Brousard: I’m not sure yet, to be honest. Probably over summer, I’m going to heal my back to make sure to be good for next season. And hopefully one day, to break the world record in discus. That’s my next goal

Meanwhile, the men’s B3 shot put event was cancelled today, due to a lack of competitors.


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