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Interview with London 2012 silver medalist Myles Porter at 2015 IBSA World Games in Seoul

American judoka Myles Porter competing against British judoka in the bronze medal match of the men's -100kg at the 2015 IBSA World Games. Image credit: EJ Monica Kim.

American judoka Myles Porter failed to take home a medal in the men’s -100kg, as he was defeated by British judoka Christopher Skelley in the bronze medal match.


ParaSport News had an opportunity to interview two-time Paralympian and London 2012 silver medalist Porter, after finishing his match.

ParaSport News: How did find the competition?

Myles Porter: The competition was good. Although I made few mistakes, overall I felt strong and great, and tournaments went pretty well.

ParaSport News: Today, you competed against Choi in the round 16 like the 2012 Paralympics final. How did you feel to compete against him again?

Porter: It was the same as London 2012, I lost, so I don’t really want to talk about that.

ParaSport News: What was the toughest match at this event?

Porter: Probably, my bronze medal match, because I got a shido [instruction/ light penalty] early. So I was trying to fight back and fight back. And then, it was going on all five minutes, so I couldn’t regain the penalty back, tied up then trying to kick it over time. British judoka was in his good shape, he was fitting on top form, so it was a really tough match for both of us.

ParaSport News: What kind of training did you focus on mostly?

Porter: The biggest part of our training wasn’t the judo, but it was getting cardio up, in order to make sure that we can last for five minutes. That’s what our coach-based training is. We want to be in the best shape on the mat.

ParaSport News: What would you like to work on more after this event?

Porter: This is just the step one, on the way to Rio 2016, so right now we are working on cardio and more techniques. Things are coming up for the 2015 ParaPan American Games in three months, we’ll do cardio double this.  And we want to be able to attack more, and open up better in tournaments.


ParaSport News: What is your next goal, after the 2015 World Games in Seoul, Korea?

Porter: 2015 ParaPan American Games is my next goal, so hopefully to earn gold there. It will lead to a good result in Rio de Janeiro. Like 2011, I won gold, and then claimed a medal in London, so hopefully we do the same thing leading to Rio 2016.

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