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ISAF considering a new programme for disability sailing, despite the failure of the reinstatement for Tokyo 2020

ISAF is considering to implement a new programme, so that it can support disability sailing and maintain Paralympic development pathways in the future, despite its failure to reinstate sailing in 2020 Paralympic programme.


Daniel Smith, Website and Media Co-ordinator of ISAF, explained to ParaSport News, before confirming the final exclusion on April 8 that ISAF’s Disabled Sailing Administrator has sought advice from the international sailing communities and Members National Authorities (MNAs), following the IPC’s decision on February 3.

“The initial feedback suggests that ISAF should focus on the delivery of a disability sailing programme similar to that of the ISAF Emerging Nations Programme,” Smith said. The main idea of the programme is to provide a chance to participate in international competitions to countries that struggle with a lack of budget.

ISAF believed that this kind of programme will secure participation of a fixed number of disabled sailors, coaches and MNA representatives in sailing events.  Consequently, it will be able to lead to satisfy requirements for inclusion in the Paralympic Games from the IPC hand book says, “Only individual sports and disciplines widely and regularly practised in a minimum of thirty-two (32) countries and three (3) IPC regions may be considered for inclusion in the Paralympic Games.”

ISAF also said that throughout 2015, it is planning to deliver formal programmes to increase attendance at the 2015 IFDS Combined Worlds which is the only major event of this year, held in Melbourne, Australia. The federation, however, did not reveal specific initiatives.

Meanwhile, ISAF President Carlo Croce and Vice-President Scott Perry met with representatives from the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to review about potential re-inclusion of sailing into the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic programme in Bonn, Germany on April 2, but they failed to reverse the decision.

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