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Italian Paralympic sport leader Gianni Scotti dies

Man in profile Gianni Scotti. Image credit: Comitato Italiano Paralimpico

Comitato Italiano Paralimpico (CIP) is reporting today on Facebook that on Thursday, Italian disability sport manager Gianni Scotti died following a brief hospitalization.  His funeral took place yesterday.



The Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano awarded Scotti the Silver Star for Sporting Merit in 2012. He was the president of the Comitato Regionale Paralimpico dell’Emilia Romagna having been relected to the post in 2013, and was heavily involved with disability sport on a national level.  He took up blind sport in the mid-1980s as a torball player where he competed on the national and international level, and later went on to become the President of  Gs Non vedenti di Piacenza.  He became the president of a regional branch of FISD, the forerunner to the CIP.  He helped organize National Paralympic Sports Day events, including one in 2013 in Modena.   He was responsible for creating the for Italian skiing championships for people with intellectual disabilities, was heavily involved with organizing early editions of the Italian Nordic skiing championships for people with physical and vision related disabilities, Italian national athletics and pentathlon for people with physical and vision related disabilities, Italian open Pentathlon championships for people with physical disabilities, and the Italian boccia championships.  He assisted in creating programs for training for coaches in swimming, athletics, equestrian, basketball, torball and goalball.  He also worked with national federations to develop training for judo and archery coaches.  He also assisted in organizing international competitions for blind swimmers and cyclists.



Luca Pancalli, Commissioner of the Italian Football Federation, was quoted by the CIP as saying, “I feel immense pain at the thought that I will not have the opportunity to spend time again with a person like Gianni.  He represented something more than a friend, more than a sports manager, and was among the most enlightened person I have ever known. He was one of us, one of those who lived for the sport, one of the pioneers of the sport practiced by people with disabilities who have laid the foundation for the birth and development of the Paralympic movement in Italy, a man who believed deeply in everything he did, who was able to plan for the future with an innate ability to be a dreamer,  but also do the concrete. ”


Consuelo Battistelli,  Comitato Italiano Paralimpico Emilia Romagna Vice President, was quoted as saying, “Gianni was ironic and self-deprecating, precise and missed nothing, even what he did not see. The Paralympic Committee was to him more than a job and an institutional commitment, it was a moral commitment: Gianni believed, really believed in the Paralympic movement, was convinced of what the sport could do for the disabled and did his best to spread it with a very concrete approach, because he lived with a disability and knew what the problems were. “

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