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IX Campeonato Nacional de Tricicleta wrap up in Lisbon, Portugal

People on tricycles on track Tricycle competitors in Lisbon. Image credit: Fpdd Portugal

On Wednesday, the IX Campeonato Nacional de Tricicleta took place in Lisbon, Portugal in an event organized by the Federação Portuguesa de Desporto para Pessoas com Deficiência. Twelve races were on the program, with fifteen total cyclists participating.



Hugo Gil Botelho Correia came away the winner in the men’s 100 meter – RR1 race with a time of 00.33,69, over a second faster than second place finisher Ricardo Jorge Emídio Duarte.  Botelho repeated his winning performance in the men’s 200 meter – RR1 race with a time of 01.07,58, nearly thirteen seconds faster than silver medalist Vítor Aureliano Lima. Botelho added a third gold medal to his haul when he finished the men’s 400 meter – RR1 race in a time of 02.18,00, 23 seconds faster than second place finisher Aureliano who picked up his second silver.  The pair then went one – two in the men’s800 meter – RR1 race.


On the women’s side, João Lomar won the 100 meter – RR2 race in a time of 00.29,70.   Ana Maria Machado  finished second with a time of 00.34,60.  Lomar repeated her winning performance in the women’s 200 meter – RR2, with a time of 01.01,19.  Maria Luísa Fernandes finished second with a time of 01.11,24. Lomar also claimed gold in the women’s 400 meter – RR2 race and women’s  800 meter – RR2 race, with Machado  finishing secondin the 400 meters and Sara Filipa Neves Costa finishing second in the 800 meters. Sandra Semedo won four uncontested races in the women’s  RR3 category, including the 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and 800 meters.


RR1, RR2, RR3 are all classifications used in race running sport for people with cerebral palsy.  They are comparable to T31, T32, T33 and T34 classifications used in track and field events.  Race running uses a modified tricycle learning bike that has no pedals.  The bike assists competitors with their balance.  The sport has organized events in a number of countries including Tunisia, Argentina, Canada, Mexico, the United States, Chinese Taipei, Iran, Japan, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, and Spain.  The sport is supported by the CPISRA.

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