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John Twomey leaves ISAF Disabled Sailing Committee

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An e-mail from John Twomey  yesterday to ParaSport News said he was no longer a member of the ISAF Disabled Sailing Committee, which was formerly the IFDS Executive Committee and where he was the President.



It remains unclear when this decision was made, as it was reported back on March 15 by Reinstate Paralympic Sailing into 2020 Games that “ISAF have stated that they have received resignations from a few of the IFDS Executive and the ISAF Executive committee “are deciding whether to accept them””.  At the same time, Towney still remains listed at the President on ISAF’s website and Neither ISAF, nor the new committee have made an announcement regarding his departure and who has taken over his role.


It is unclear how large of a role Twomey played in the 2020 Paralympic program application. The application appears to have been the primary duty of IFDS Vice-President Bernard Destrubé.  Destrubé was the one who reported to the Committee to the SKUD 18 Committee  on November 19, 2013 that, “The 2012 Annual General Meeting of IFDS resolved to accept the IFDS Equipment Evaluation Commission and Executive Committee recommendation that the Equipment to be used for 2016 and 2020 be the SKUD 18.”  This board decision regarding this class came despite IPC minimum for specific events, saying “Only individual Sports and Disciplines widely and regularly practised in a minimum of thirty-two (32) countries and three (3) IPC regions may be considered for inclusion in the Paralympic Games.”  A ParaSport News review for SKUD 18 events between January 2012 and March 2015  found that only 18 countries had participated in this class: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, and United States.  Of these, a third were found to have only competed at one event. Destrubé still appears to be on the ISAF  Disabled Sailing Committee.


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