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At the present, all content written on ParaSport News is exclusively written by Laura Hale.  If you are interested in joining the project to contribute news stories, analysis, interviews or other content about Paralympic and disability sport, please contact her via e-mail at, or on Twitter at @purplepopple.


Benefits of writing for ParaSport news is that you can monetize your content.  We’ll set you up with a Google Adsense account, that will show ads on every article you write.  The more views you get, the more you can potentially earn.  Because ParaSport News is a property of Spacial Anomaly LLC, we have extensive experience with that.  It also means that as a regular contributor, we’ll happy see how we can assist you in getting media accreditation for any disability sporting event you want to attend.


If you have a one off article you would like to submit for possible publication, you can also send it to us using the form below.