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Looking towards athletics in Rio: T38 women’s world records

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World record progression for women's T38 long jump.

World record progression for women’s T38 long jump.

This article is part of a ParaSport News series of articles looking at athletics world records and world records progression.


The last cerebral palsy class is the T38, and it is one of the most competitive n terms of being multiple available historical records available to find.  This class is for people with minimal levels of hemiplegia, ataxia, diplegia or athetosis. Generally, they look like they have some coordination problems when running.

Most of these records though are women who have improved on their own historical world records.  For example, Sophie Hahn bettered her world record of 0:13.0 in July of last year in October when she ran a time of 0:12.6 in London.  Russia’s Margarita Goncharova bettered her own time of 0:26.61 set at last year’s Doha hosted World Championships when she ran a time of 0:26.46 at the Italian hosted European Championships this year. Goncharova repeated this double world record feat in the 400 meters, with a time of 01:02.2 in Doha and a time of 1:02.12 in Italy.  Ireland’s Noelle Lenihan repeated the same accomplishment as Goncharova except in the discuss. Lenihan had a distance of 31.64 meters in Doha, and improved by half a meter with a new world record of 32.14 in Italy.

The oldest records in the class date to 2001, when Portugal’s Maria Fernandes set a record in the 1,500 meters in a time of 5:28.51.  At the same Nottingham, Great Britain hosted event, Fernandes set a second world record in the 800 meters when she had a time of 2:35.90.

For the field events, the long jump has scene three jumpers hold it since 2011.  Lithuania’s Ramune Adomaitiene set a mark of 4.64 meters in 2011 at the World Championships in New Zealand. Ukraine’s Inna Stryzhak bettered that mark with a jump of 4.96 at the European Championships in the Netherlands in 2012.  Three years later, Goncharova set a new record at a competition in Berlin, Germany when she jumped a distance of 5.22 meters.

Event Type Family Name Given Name NPC Birth Result Wind Date City Country
Women’s 100 m Hahn Sophie GBR 1997 0:12.60 +1.6 2015-10-22 Doha Qatar
Women’s 100 m Hahn Sophie GBR 1997 00:13.0 -1.3 2015-7-26 London England
Women’s 1500 m Fernandes Maria POR 1969 5:28.51 2001-07-26 Nottingham Great Britain
Women’s 200 m Goncharova Margarita RUS 1991 0:26.46 -0.3 2016-06-12 Grosseto Italy
Women’s 200 m Goncharova Margarita RUS 1991 26.61 1.7 2015-10-29 Doha Qatar
Women’s 400 m Goncharova Margarita RUS 1991 1:02.12 2016-06-13 Grosseto Italy
Women’s 400 m Goncharova Margarita RUS 1991 01:02.2 2015-10-25 Doha Qatar
Women’s 800 m Fernandes Maria POR 1969 2:35.90 2001-07-28 Nottingham Great Britain
Women’s Discus Throw Lenihan Noelle IRL 1999 32.14 2016-06-12 Grosseto Italy
Women’s Discus Throw Lenihan Noelle IRL 1999 31.64 2015-10-26 Doha Qatar
Women’s Javelin Adomaitiene Ramune LTU 1968 32.87 2010-06-13 Bottrop Germany
Women’s Long Jump Goncharova Margarita RUS 1991 5.22 -0.1 2015-06-20 Berlin Germany
Women’s Long Jump Adomaitiene Ramune LTU 4.64 2011-1-23 Christchurch New Zealand
Women’s Long Jump Stryzhak Inna UKR 4.96 1.1 2012-6-26 Stadskanaal Netherlands
Women’s Shot Put Grigaliuniene Aldona LTU 1955 12.58 2008-09-11 Beijing China
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