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Luis Miguel Pita Fraga and Alfonso Romero Alvarez top newest Spanish domestic powerlifting rankings

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Yesterday, Federación Española de Deportes de Personas con Discapacidad Física (FEDDF) published updated national rankings for Spanish powerlifters. Many classes were not competitive, with only one powerlifter competing in events for ranking in the past year.



The men’s 80 and more than 107 kilogram classes are the most competitive in Spain, with three ranked powerlifters in each. In the men’s 80 kilogram class, Luis Miguel Pita Fraga is ranked first, Miguel Menendez Gonzalez is ranked second and Juan Pablo Barcia Alonso is ranked third. In the more than 107 kilogram class, Alfonso Romero Alvarez is ranked first, Marc Oro Esteve is ranked second and Pablo Alberto Rago Rago is ranked third. Romero Alvarez set a new national record in his class when he lifted 170 kilograms in Sant Quirze del Vallès last Saturday.


In the men’s 88 kilogram class, David Fernandez Fernandez ranks first while Javier Lafuente Bauret is second. In the men’s 107 kilogram class, Alfonso Romero Alvarez is ranked first while Carlos Augusto Correa Correa is ranked second. Juan Viguera Rubén ranks first, while Andreu Castro Martinez ranks second in the men’s 72 kilogram class.


Airam Fernandez Rodriguez is the only ranked powerlifter in the men’s 49 kilogram class. Jose Luis Permuy Barbero is the only ranked powerlifter in the men’s 59 kilogram class. José Manuel Abud Coronado is the only ranked powerlifter in the men’s 65 kilogram class. Jorge Alvarez Perez is the only ranked powerlifter in the men’s 97 kilogram class.


Loida Zabala Ollero is the only women ranked domestically in Spain, and she is in the women’s 50 and 55 kilogram classes. She dropped down to the 50 kilogram class after having competed in and been ranked in the 55 kilogram class last year. In the ranking period, Zabala set a pair of national records, one in each weight class.


Several powerlifters set national records earlier this year at a competition in San Agustín in the Canary Islands on May 11. Fernandez Rodriguez lifted 77.5 kilograms. Permuy Barbero lifted 110.0 kilograms. Abud Coronado lifted 87.5 kilograms. Viguera Rubén lifted 105.0 kilograms. Pita Fraga lifted 157.0 kilograms. Fernandez Fernandez lifted 115 kilograms. Alvarez Perez lifted 136.0 kilograms.

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