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ParaSport-News was founded mid-2014, and generally an effort has been made to publish at least a story a day since then.  With the year closing out, what stories were the most popular basically since we’ve launched?  These articles demonstrate the international breadth of interest in disability sport, and the large number of sports that people compete in on the local and international level.  It also shows you that some sports have no boundaries between able-bodied and disability when it comes to interest.



1. German flag.

Germany’s Markus Rehm sets world record in the long jump

Yesterday at the  Ulm German Athletics Championships, Markus Rehm set a world record in the F44 long jump, with a jump of 8.24 meters on his fourth attempt. He was the first amputee athlete to compete at the championships.

2.  Alpine skiing pictogram.

French skier Vincent Gauthier-Manuel melts down Paralympic medal to create engagement ring

27-year old French para-alpine skier Vincent Gauthier-Manuel has melted down part of  his silver 2014 Paralympic medal to create an engagement ring.  The work was done by a friend who is a jeweler, and the integrity of the original medal remains, as the medal came from a natural indent in the medal that has subsequently been made into holes.

3.  Woman playing wheelchair basketball.

British wheelchair basketball player Josie Cichockyj dies

Earlier today on Facebook, British Wheelchair Basketball (BWB) announced that Paralympian Josie Cichockyj died yesterday. She was fifty years old.

4.  Men posing on soccer field

Haiti defeats Germany at 2014 Amputee Football World Cup

Sunday in Culiacan, Mexico, the Haiti men’s national amputee football team defeated the team from Germany 2 – 0, with the first goal being scored 16 minutes into the first half and the second coming 23 minutes into the first half. The game was the first both teams in the competition, occurring on opening day with temperatures around 32 C / 89.6 F. The Haitian team played a physically aggressive game, that pushed Germany into the defensive. The Germans had a few scoring opportunities but were unable to get the ball past strong goalkeeping. The Germans had some complaints during the game about the Kenyan referee, who they complained about on Facebook for giving a a dubious free kick to the Haitians on the edge of the penalty box.

5.  cricket pictogram

Australia, India and Pakistan get wins at 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup

Yesterday in South Africa, Australia, India and Pakistan all got wins at the 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup.  Australia won by 5 wickets in their game against hosts South Africa.  India won by an astonishing 140 runs in their game against  Sri Lanka at Gary Kirsten, while Pakistan won by 9 wickets in their match against Bangladesh.

6.  cricket players celebrating on the pitch

India defeats Pakistan to win 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup

Earlier today in Cape Town, South Africa, India broke Pakistan’s unbeaten 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup run to claim gold by 5 wickets in the competition.  The final score was 389 / 7 to 392 / 5. It was the first time India won the event.

7.  Man sitting in wheelchair

French national and USA club powerchair soccer player Jerome “Pika” Durand dies

Vermont Chargers Power Soccer Club announced earlier today on Facebook that Jerome Durand had died.  Durand was a member of the French national powerchair football team, who competed in this year’s inaugural  EPFA Nations Cup.  He is credited with helping spread the sport of powerchair football around the globe, and is the most decorated USA powerchair football player in history.

8.  group standing on cricket field

Pakistan wins two in a row at 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup

Pakistan has started their 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup run in South Africa strongly, with a pair of wins in their first two games. In their first game, Pakistan defeated India 155 / 3 to 259. They had 32.5 overs in their win.

9.  group standing on cricket field

Blind Cricket World Cup 2014 updates schedules

As a result of yesterday’s matches having been postponed in honor of  Phil Hughes, an Australian cricketer who died on the pitch this week, the schedule for the Blind Cricket World Cup 2014 needed to be modified.  Organizers announced these changes on Facebook earlier today.

10.  cricket pictogram

India defeats Sri Lanka at 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup

Yesterday in Cape Town, South Africa, the India men’s national blind cricket team defeated Sri Lanka in their semifinal match at the 2014 Blind Cricket World Cup at the Western Province Cricket Club.

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