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National Paralympic Committee of Iraq condemns terrorist bombing in Iskanderiyah that killed and injured more than 100 people

Logo of the National Paralympic Committee of Iraq. Logo of the National Paralympic Committee of Iraq.

Earlier today, the National Paralympic Committee of Iraq issued a statement condemning the terrorist bombing by ISIS of a football stadium on Saturday in Alexandria that killed at least 41 people and injured 105.



Their statement said, “[The bombing] claimed the lives instead of reaping awards and trophies in that time when [organizers] started decrees for those who received awards for the winners of a game of football when an imbecile himself blew himself up among a crowd, with young people’s bodies scattered like old roses  between the earth and the sky with having not committed any crime and not making any distinction because of their religion theyy belonged to being driven away by death, leaving bereaved mothers and shocked parents and children and terrified  children. We disabled athletes of the disaster, we have witnessed a bloody day in one of the cities of Iraq.
“Mixed with blood without knowing the identity nor creed nor a sect but blended paint a map of Iraq on the land per event. […] We, sports institutions for sportspeople with disabilities, express our sadness in response to this bombing, which is part of them injury terrorism to organize a convoy to the disabled.


“NPC Iraq deplores and strongly condemn this criminal act and strengthening the families of martyrs and wishes of Allah Azza God to heal the wounded and the aggressors for their families stricken unharmed and appeals to every patient people sectors to unite and sincerity to expose the dark thoughts and criminal acts and put spotlight on their movements suspicious and their actions despicable for the safety of our families and our people and our land.”


Iraq has a number of Paralympians who became disabled as a result of the ongoing conflict and violence in the country.  The war has made it very difficult for people living with and acquiring disabilities to participate in society, and it has put a major strain on disability sports in terms of delivering programming.  Some regions cannot organize competitions, nor assist their sportspeople.  Many disability sportspeople have moved closer to the capital if they can to try to avoid the violence.


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