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Netherland’s Iljas Visker continues to lead in scoring at European 7-a-side football championships

Number 11 from behind on the field. Iljas Visker in Maia.

With eleven games done and gone at the European 7-a-side football championships in Maia, Portugal, the Netherland’s Iljas Visker continues to lead all competitors in scoring with seven goals in two games. Team mate Peter Kooij is second with five goals.



Ireland’s Dillon Sheridan, Podge Leacy, Luke Evans, Tomiwa Badun and Gary Messet, Netherland’s Anton Saedt, Mitch Lebon and Lars Conijn, England’s Jack Rutter and Michael Barker, and Ukraine’s Oleksandr Devlysh are all tied at third with three goals each.


Currently, Ireland and the Netherlands sit atop Group A with six points each. Scotland and Russia sit atop Group B with six points each. Ukraine and England sit atop Group C with four points each. Five teams, Finland, Denmark, Northern Ireland, Germany and Portugal remain winless in group play.


There have been some huge wins in the competition, including the Netherlands 14 – 0 shellacking of Denmark in the second game of the competition, Ireland’s 10 – 0 ass kicking of Finland in the third game of the competition, the Netherlands 14 – 0 victory over Finland in the sixth game of the competition, Ireland’s follow up 12 -0 win against Denmark in the next game, and Scotland’s 7 – 0  loss against Germany in the ninth game  of the competition.


Three games in group play are scheduled for today. Netherlands vs Ireland, Northern Ireland vs Germany, and Russia vs Scotland.

Laura Hale
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6 Comments on Netherland’s Iljas Visker continues to lead in scoring at European 7-a-side football championships

  1. Something’s wrong in your report. the results on the official website are different

  2. World and Paralympic champions Russia played just two victorious games – with Germany and North Ireland. Netherlands is not even in Russian’s group. Match #9 was between Germany and Scotland. I am very disappointed with the news – it means than I cannot trust it …

  3. Laura Hale Laura Hale // July 27, 2014 at 3:39 pm // Reply

    It does not state in the article that Netherlands and Russia are in the same group. Outside of where the article says group standings, it looks at everything on the whole. Wording has been added to strengthen this, where it says winless.

    I checked again to make sure everything that was written was correct, and I am unclear as to what you think is factually incorrect.

  4. OK, what does it mean: “the Netherlands 14 – 0 victory over Russia in the sixth game” and “Scotland’s 7- 0 against Russia in the ninth game”?

  5. Laura Hale Laura Hale // July 27, 2014 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    Those would be legitimate, asinine mistakes on my part. I try very hard not to make mistakes, and I apologize. I have corrected them.

  6. Thank you very much for the corrections. You can just delete all this comments than.

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