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Next court date for India’s Rajesh Tomar is April 24

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A case appears filed by  Rajesh Tomar against the Paralympic Committee of India and ORS appears  on the list of businessof the High Court in of Delhi in Fresh Matters & Applications for this Friday, April 24 .   It also appeared there last Friday, two days after the IPC had suspended the Paralympic Committee of India.



On April 8, four days after being suspended by the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI), Rajesh Tomar filed paperwork with the High Court of Delhi in New Delhi seeking an injunction in regards to that action against the Paralympic Committee of India and ORS.  The court decided at that time that any injunction would amount to a status quo ante order, and opted to require that the defendants should appear in court.  They gave a court date of May 15.  A court document published the following day said the exemption request was allowed, and that an issue not to the respondents had been sent, which should have been returned by April 17.



The suit alleges that the April 4 meeting was illegal in that it violated the PCI rules and bylaws.   The suit also alleges that Tomar had no part in organizing of the Para-Athletics Championship, with the fault for its problems lying with the PCI Secretary and another party who were on the organizing committee.  The injunction request also stated four PCI Executive Committee members and an official had been suspended on March 27 after an inquiry committee by a retired High Court found them responsible for anti-federation related activities connected to that event.  In the suit, Tomar also alleged that the Executive Committee lacked the jurisdiction to suspend him, and that they had failed to comply with the organization’s requirement of 21 days of notice before a meeting.


A source has told ParaSport News a faction led by Gursharan Singh  won a case before a Bangalore court that ruled the January 2014 PCI Executive Committee elections were valid.  The source went on to say that this result will now be used by the Gursharan Singh  faction to push their claims before the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.   According to that same source, that month, Gursharan called a single meeting of AGM, where he got elected General Secretary, with  Rao Inderjeet Singh being elected PCI President. Rao Inderjeet Singh is an Indian politician who was a member of the 15th Lok Sabha, but resigned in September 2013.  He was subsequently elected to the 16th Lok Sabha during an election season that kicked off in early April of last year and is currently a government minister.


That drama is in the background of the 2010 and 2011 PCI governance issues that led to the PCI’s IPC and Government suspension.  In 2010 and 2011, Ratan Singh was President and Gursharan Singh was General Secretary.  During that situation, the PCI suspended Ratan Singh.  The aftermath saw ex-government minister and acting Member of Parliament Sultan Ahmad become the PCI President. Ahmad then suspended Gursharan.  This decision led Gursharan to call the AGM and bring in Rao Inderjeet.


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