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Powerchair Football Argentina announced referee and classifier clinic

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Correction (July 7): The article originally stated that the World Championships take place in in Brazil  in October of this year. This is incorrect. The competition takes place in 2016, and a host for the event has not been announced yet. This has been corrected in the text below. We apologize for the error.



Yesterday, Powerchair Football Argentina announced they would be hosting referee and classifier clinic on August 15 and 16 at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa in Buenos Aires. The clinic is part of efforts to improve the standard of play and professionalize the sport in Argentina.


Powerchair football has a lot going on in Argentina.  Yesterday, at an event organized by Agencia Córdoba Deportes and Powerchair Football Argentina, the national team selection announcement was made. The squad includes Agustin Zanoli, Lisandro Uretti, Franco Greco, Valentino Zegarelli, Santino Ombrela, Agustin Orge, Valentino Olmedo, Franco Oyla, Emilano Lopez Cicero, and Juan Andres Barone.  They are preparing for the Powerchair Football World Cup 2015 scheduled to take place next year.


Powerchair football leadership applied for inclusion on the 2016 Summer Paralympic program and again for 2020. Since the initial 2020 announcement as it applied to the sport, FIPFA leadership appears to have put considerable effort into professionalizing the sport globally and regionally.  This includes hosting more international events, continental competitions, and making improvements to their website.  These are things they need to do if they want to make a serious pitch to the IPC for potential inclusion on the 2024 Paralympic program.



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  1. Thanks for this article, we need a lot of promotion. Please, would you consider changing “Powerchair Football World Cup 2015 scheduled to take place in Brazil in October”?

    The hosting country has not yet been defined and it is going to be held in 2016.

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