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Reigning world champion in men’s -72kg powerlifting Egypt’s Mohamed Elelfat leaves Rio without successful lift

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Egypt’s Mohamed Elelfat was one of five powerlifters in men’s -72kg event that took place earlier today to finish without a successful lift in a competition that saw multiple Paralympic Records and a World Record set. The others who failed to make a successful lift included Turkmenistan’s Sergey Meladze, Jordan’s Abdelkareem Khattab, Jordan’s Abdelkareem Khattab and El Salvador’s  Herbert Aceituno.  The 37-year-old entered the event as the reigning Paralympic silver medalist from the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London.  He also entered the Rio Games as the reigning world championship in the class.

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Egypt’s Mohamed Elelfat goes for a lift at Rio Games. Image credit: Robert Myers.


Elelfat had the third heaviest first lift attempt for his first lift at 213 kg.  Despite having tremendous crowd support during and after his lift attempt, he was unable to get a weight on the board.   His second attempt at 213kg was also unsuccessfully.  Despite relatively good form going down, he had issues with getting the bar back up.  Once it was back in the rack, Elelfat was quickly up in a sitting position appearing disappointed with his performance.   In his third and final attempt, right before the one minute warning, he sat straight up and readjusted his straps.  A few seconds later, his coach came over and then fixed them again.  He was unable to successfully put up the lift on his third attempt.

These Games were Elelfat’s third, having previously competed in London and at the Beijing hosted 2008 Games where he finished fourth with a best lift of 205kg.

Outside of sport, the 37-year-old works for Telecom Egypt.  The Arabic speaker attended Menoufia University, Shibin al Kawm.

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