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RS Paradesporto complains about stadium accessibility at Plenária do Conselho Estadual das Pessoas com Deficiência

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With the Plenary of the State Council of People with Disabilities (Plenária do Conselho Estadual das Pessoas com Deficiência) having wrapped up yesterday in Brazil, RS Paradesporto, who were invited to participate, took the opportunity to complain about buildings being awarded the accessibility seal for their accessibility despite not being accessible. They took particular aim at Estádio Beira-Rio, a venue located in Porto Alegre which hosted 2014 FIFA World Cup matches.



President Luiz Portinho pointed out they were recognised despite clearly violating Article 5 of Municipal Decree 15.752, which sets out the legal requirements for accessibility. According to Portinho, this particular stadium does not have tactile floors and lacks appropriate signals for people with visual impairments. RS Paradesporto also says the stadium is in violation of Federal Decree 10,098 5296, the national law regarding accessibility.


During the plenary session, several board members of RS Paradesporto repudiated the seal, claiming that on multiple occasions it has been awarded to facilities that were clearly not in compliance with laws regarding accessibility. In response to these issues, the Council decided to contact the Secretaria de Acessibilidade (SMACIS) to seek clarification on this issue. They have also requested that the local prosecutor look into the situation regarding accessibility at Estádio Beira-Rio for a report before the next Plenary session.


This is not the first time this stadium and the issue of accessibility has been an issue of concern. Earlier this year, Felipe Correa da Silva took the Estádio Beira Rio to court in Brazil following a failed attempt to get tickets to watch the clássico Gre-Nal between Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense and Sport Club Internacional where his son Gustavo, who uses a wheelchair, could sit with him and the rest of the family, winning an injunction against the stadium and Sport Club Internacional, requiring them to provide accommodation that would allow the family to sit together.

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