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Russia beats Sweden 6 – 0 at Czech Sledge Open

Czech Sledge Hockey open 2015, Tournament of IPC Sledge Hockey World Series. Czech Sledge Hockey open 2015, Tournament of IPC Sledge Hockey World Series. Image credit: Czech Sledge

Russia defeated Sweden 6 – 0 this afternoon at the Dresden, Germany hosted Czech Sledge Open. Earlier in the competition, Russia defeated the Czech Republic 2 – 1, while Sweden lost 9 – 0 to Norway.


The Russian side is actually club team Ugra, and they are being coached by Alexander Zykov for this competition. Earlier in the season, the Russians managed to eek out a 1 – 0 overtime victory against Norway at a tournament in Italy. They’ve been doing a lot of traveling since Sochi to improve the overall quality of their play, competing in Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, and the United States. The team for the World Series has included national team members captain Konstantin Shikhov, goalkeeper Eugene Plotnikov, and defensemen Varlakov Basil and Vladimir Litvinenko though all four had to miss this competition for various reasons. Their goal in the competition is to get in practice to improve their performance for the Russian national sledge hockey season.

Tomorrow, the Czech Republic plays Sweden for gold in the event, while Norway taking on Russia undefeated. The first game has an early start time of 8:00 AM local time. The competition is part of the IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Series, and the Czech Republic led coming into it.

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