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Russia tops all countries in Paralympic sport doping offenses

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Paralympic doping offenses by country since 1986, when the first doping offenses were recorded.

Paralympic doping offenses by country since 1986, when the first doping offenses were recorded.

Data from a  ParaSport News series done in May of this year found that Russia leads all nations in Paralympic doping offenses dating back to when doping records first were record in the 1980s.  All but 2 of the 44 known recorded doping offenses happened after 2009, accounting for 15% of known Paralympic doping offenses.  If Russia’s 22 known deaf sport doping offenses were counted along with other countries’ deaf doping offenses, Russia would account for 22% of all known doping offenses in disability sports.


The country’s offenses have been spread out across a variety of sports including athletics, powerlifting, sailing, shooting, swimming and taekwondo.  When the sport for the doping offensive is known, most of these came in powerlifting, which accounted for 20.  Athletics counted for another 6.  The remaining sports had one offense each.  The rest were unknown, other than sanctions were given.  Sportspeople who have been investigated for or sanctioned for doping offenses include Aleksandr Zverev, Elena Chistilina, Ruslan Podobina, Dmitry Drobin, Ilfat Mukhatarov, Sergey Sychev, Vitaliy Karpov, Marina Galushko, Irina Mikhailova, Vyacheslav Sementsova, Intal Galeev, Dmitry Emelyanov, Ilnar Latypov, Nikolay Marfin, Vadim Rakitin, Dmitriy Zakharov, Fanis Mullahmetov, Vladimir Krivulya, Igor Malecki, Maxim Kulik, Marina Diakonova, Victor Sivkov, Alexander Gurkin, Mikhail Parkhomenko and Yuri Bobrov.

Total number of known Russian Paralympic sport doping sanctions by year.

Total number of known Russian Paralympic sport doping sanctions by year.

Eight of these sanctions were given out by the International Paralympic Committee, with the most recent IPC sanctioned offense occurring at the 2015 IPC European Athletics Championships.  In November  of last year, the IPC said they were seriously studying the results of a  WADA Independent Commission about the Russia that led to the country’s suspend by the International Association of Athletics Federations Council.   They had promised to act according, should anything come to light that brings into question the Paralympic side of the sport.  This sanction appears to the first major one against the Russians since the IPC’s promise to act.  WADA had also issued a report suggesting discrepancies in doping controls at the Sochi Paralympics, which the IPC provided little follow-up regarding and did not announce any sanctions in relation to it.

The IPC only acted in relation to the Russian doping situation after the International Olympic Committee enacted their own punishment against the well documented Russian doping regime even as Russia led the Paralympic world in total offenses.


The data collected by ParaSport News for this report is available here for the benefit of other journalists and the sports community.

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