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Salguero, Edo, Alquezar, Llopis, Martinez, Rojas winners at Spain national youth swimming championships

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The first day of the two day Spanish national youth swimming championships have wrapped up in Valladolid in the 25 meter pool with a lot of winners being declared.



S13 classified swimmer Ivan Salguero Oteiza won the 400 meter male freestyle event with a time of 04:45,09, beating the next swimmer in the field, S7 classified swimmer Eduardo Sanchez Lopez, by 1:17. Ariadna Edo Beltran won the female race in the same stroke and distance. The S13 Fundación Eduardo dos Santos swimmer had a time of 04:49,95, 4 seconds faster than second place S9 swimmer Nuria Marques Soto.


In the Alevin male 50 meter butterfly, S10 swimmer Iker Aizpuru Arotzena won with a time of 00:40,96. The S9 classified Marc Sala Esteban won the same distance and stroke in the boy male race with a time of 00:42,11 against no one in his own event. S11 classified Konporta Kirol Elkartea swimmer Iñigo Llopis Sanz won the junior male race in a seven deep field with a time of 00:31,51. Lucia Golzalez Alcazar won the Alevin female 50 meter butterfly event.  Jennifer Martinez Ortiz won the  girl female race in a two deep field with a time of 00:43,84.  The S9 classified swimmer defeated ONCE Barcelone S13 classified swimmer Anabel Martinez Sanchez who had a time of 00:47,07. María Delgado Nadal won the junior female race with a time of 00:31,65.   The S12 classified swimmer was 11 seconds faster than second place S9 classified swimmer Isabel María Rojas Gomez.


In the 100 meter boy male 100 meter backstroke, S10 classified Javier Bellver Perez  came away the winner with a time of 01:24,78 in a race that saw two swimmers, Lander Uria and Edgar Sanchez Andreo, disqualified.  In the junior male event, Konporta Kirol Elkartea swimmer Iker Embeita Estavillo was the winner.  The S10 classified swimmer had a time of 01:06,45.  The girl female race was won by  Marian Polo Lopez of ONCE Barcelona. S9 classified Nuria Marques Soto won the junior female race in a time of 01:14,62.


In the Alevin male 50 meter breaststroke, S9 classified Iker Aizpuru Arotzena earned another first place finish with a time of 00:45,5, beating out Carlos Alquezar Bespin who posted a time of 01:30,33.  In the boy male race, Club Natació Barcelona S9 classified swimmer Pau Majo Valiente finished first with a time of 00:36,64. Federación Navarra de Deportes Aéreos swimmer Ivan Salguero Oteiza  picked up another win the junior male event with a time of 00:36,34, 8 seconds faster than 7th place and the other S13 classified swimmer in the race, Pedro Ortiz Jerez.  The Alevin female race was won by Claudia Brito Santana in a time of 00:42,85. Elsa Fraile Torres won the girl female race.  The S9 classified swimmer from Club Natación Alcobendas had a time of 00:46,33, narrowly edging out fellow S9 classified swimmer Adriana Perez Alvarez from Club Natación Mareastur.  The junior female race was won by S5 classified Carmen Ibañez Marmol  in a time of 01:00,65, beating S8 classified swimmer Isabel María Rojas Gomez who had a time of 00:48,45.


In the Alevin male 100 meter freestyle, Carlos Alquezar Bespin was the winner in a time of 02:00,58.  The S5 classified swimmer beat S10 classified second place finisher Iker Aizpuru Arotzena on factoring, with Aizpuru posting a time of 01:22,46. Claudia Brito Santana  won the Alevin female 100 meter freestyle race. In the boy male 100 meter freestyle, Jacobo Garrido Brun was the winner in a 22 deep field. The S9 swimmer posted a time of 01:07,39. Adriana Perez Alvarez won the girl female 100 meter freestyle race with a time of 01:17,14.  In the junior male race, Iñigo Llopis Sanz came away with another victory in a time of 01:04,81 in a field that was 30 deep. María Delgado Nadal had her second win in the junior female race, posting a time of 01:03,51 in a 23 deep field. Delgado has represented Spain on the national team that competed at last year’s European Championships.


In the 100 meter individual medley, Jacobo Garrido Brun came away the winner with a time of 01:24,06 in the boy male race.  S5 classified  Jose Manuel Quintero Macias  had no competition in the junior male race.  The Club de Natación Adaptada Gades swimmer posted a time of 02:07,31.  The female girl race was won by Marian Polo Lopez.  The S13 classified ONCE Barcelona swimmer had a time of 01:21,94.


The 4 x 50 meter mixed freestyle event had 14 teams start, with Konporta Kirol Elkartea finishing first in a time of 02:15,07.  Fundación Eduardo dos Santos finished second in a time of 02:35,95.  Federación Navarra de Deportes Aéreos finished third in a time of 02:36,15.  ONCE Barcelona finished fourth with a time of 02:41,37.


The results for this event were factored to allow swimmers from different classes to compete against each other at the same event.



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