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Slovak Henrieta Farkašová wins downhill event at 2013 IPC Alpine World Championships



This morning in La MolinaSpain, Slovak B3 classified skier Henrieta Farkašová and guide Natália Šubrtová won the IPC Alpine World Championships‘s women’s visually impaired downhill event.

The field in the women’s event was not as deep as the men’s vision impaired, with only four visually impaired skiers competing. Russian B2 classified skier Alexandra Frantseva and guide Pavel Zabotini finished in second. B3 classified British skier Kelly Gallagher and guide Charlotte Evans finished in third place. United States B2 classified skier Danelle Umstead and guide Robert Umstead finished just off the podium in fourth place.

The women’s visually impaired skiers are next scheduled to compete on Friday in the Super-G event, with a start time of approximately 9:30 local time, 8:30 UTC. Farkašová then tries to get her second gold, out of the five she targets at these Championships.

Skier Kelly Gallagher and guide Charlotte Evans . Kelly Gallagher is B3 from Great Britain.
Image: Raystorm.

Skier Henrieta Farkašová and guide Natália Šubrtová. Henrieta Farkašová is B3 from Slovakia.
Image: Raystorm.

Farkašová and guide crossing the finish line
Image: Raystorm.

Farkašová and Šubrtová hugging after the race
Image: Raystorm.

Downhill final. Skier Alexandra Franseva and guide Pavel Zabotini. Alexandra Franseva is B2 from Russia.
Image: Raystorm.

Franseva prepares for a stop at the bottom of the hill
Image: Raystorm.

Utah-based Skier Danelle Umstead and guide Robert Umstead. Danelle Umstead is B2 from the United States.
Image: Raystorm.

Umstead and Umstead cross the finish line in the downhill
Image: Raystorm.

Umstead and Umstead discuss their run following their race
Image: Raystorm.


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