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Slovakia wins International Wheelchair Curling League

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Paralympijské Motivačné Centrum is reporting this morning that Slovakia won an 8 team deep international wheelchair curling event held this past weekend.  The Slovak team finished first, Italy second, and Poland third.  Five Czech club teams finished out the remaining eight positions: Velké Mezižíči was fourth, JÚ Praha fifth, Nové Město nad Metují sixth, JÚ Praha B seventh and Velké Meziříči B was last.



The competition was held over a period of several weeks.  The Slovaks came into the final weekend of play in the Prague suburb of Roztyly undefeated.  Slovak national team coach  František Pitoňák said before the competition, “[The venue] is best fitted the four-curling hall in Europe, and is fully wheelchair accessible. This season, we played 14 matches against eight quality teams from the Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. The league was very balanced and the winner will be decided only in the last matches. My players once again demonstrated that they could very well play well under pressure and drew on experiences that are of major world tournaments. These Prague matches were before last year’s World Cup in Finland, departing on February 5 The last three weeks before the championship will use if only for training and tuning forms. I hope that it will intensify once again be at the right time.”


The Slovak team included skipper Radoslav Ďuriš, Dušan Pitoňák, Branislav Jakubec, Monika Kunkelová and Imrich Lyócsa.  Alena Kánová had been part of the team during earlier weeks of the league but missed the final one because of family commitments.


2015 World Wheelchair Curling Championship scheduled to get underway on February 6 in at the Kisakallio Sports Institute in Lohja, Finland.  This event was a warm up for the team.  At the World Champions, the Slovaks will meet the United States, Canada, China, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Scotland, and Sweden.

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