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South Africa and Poland lead after six games played at Inas World Football Championships

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With six games of eight scheduled having been played at the Inas World Football Championships in Brazil, South Africa and Poland currently lead their groups on points and goal differences.  Two games were postponed  because of poor conditions.



In the competition’s first game, France beat Sweden 4 – 1.  In the fourth game, Brazil and Japan drew 2 – 2.  Yesterday, Japan lost to Poland 5 – 1. In the sixth game, Germany and Brazil drew 1 – 1. Saudi Arabia beat France 5 – 0 in the competition’s seventh game.   In the eight game, South Africa decimated Sweden 10 – 1.


Several yellow cards have been shown at the competition so far with France’s Florent Paris, Christophe Vidal, Jessy Sefu, Ivandro de Souza Fejo and Loic Bonnaire each getting one.


Germany’s first game should have been against Poland, but it and the Saudi Arabia versus South Africa game were postponed.  Following the announcement of the delay, German head coach Jörg Dittwar was quoted by Deutscher Behindertensportverband as saying, “It will be a tough game, and I am not just saying this to say it. In the ID field, the Polish team is not only a fixed game, but one of the teams here at the World Cup in Brazil to who are in the narrowest circle of favorites, which is characterized by physical strength and a clear game plan. The German team is well place, if we initially the focus on the defensive work, then maybe put one or the other needle stitches for the occasional counterattack.”  He went on to say,  “The atmosphere in the team is great. After the World Cup title The DFB-team all boys are keen to do it as well as Philipp Lahm and Mario Götze.”

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